Ace’s Story novel receives manga adaptation in 2024


The One Piece: Ace’s Story novels will get a new manga adaptation in early 2024, so what is this spin-off about?

The global One Piece community is still stunned by the news that the iconic manga series will soon be taking a one-month hiatus so that mangaka Eiichiro Oda can undergo eye surgery.

But there is some good news finally spreading among the fan base; The popular spin-off series ‘Ace’s Story’ will finally be adapted into its own manga.

Here’s everything fans need to know about One Piece: Ace’s Story, including its synopsis, original release, and release window for the new manga adaptation in the US and Europe.

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One Piece: Ace’s story gets new manga adaptation

Weekend, Viz Media approved He said that the One Piece: Ace’s Story novel series will receive a manga adaptation and will be released in Spring 2024.

The first of the two-volume One Piece: Aces’ Story novel series was published in Japan in April 2018, and the second novel a few months later in June 2018.

Based on the novel series One Piece: Ace’s Story, this action-packed prequel follows the adventures of Luffy’s beloved brother, Ace! Dr. One Piece: Ace’s Story–The Manga, with illustrations by STONE’s Boichi, is out Spring 2024!”

Volume 1 was called ‘The Making of the Pirates of Spades’ and was written by Shou Hinata (Naruto: The Story of Konoha), while the second volume was called ‘The New World’ by Tatsuya Hamazaki (.hack/Legend of the Twilight).

Eiichiro Oda did the cover art for each volume illustrated by Boichi (Dr Stone), which together form a larger picture.

Summary of One Piece: Ace’s Tale Volume 1 ‘The Formation of the Pirates of Spades’ is as follows:

“Having washed up on the shores of a desolate island off the coast of the Eastern Blue Sea, two men from different backgrounds are united in their shared thirst for adventure. One of them, Portgaz D. Ace, will follow in the footsteps of his notorious father as the fearless captain of a pirate crew. The other, Masked Deuce, becomes the reluctant first member of Ace’s Spade Pirates. Survival isn’t enough for these seafaring pirates who seek together treasure, excitement and a way to the New World.

Summary of One Piece: Ace’s Tale Volume 2 ‘New World’ reads:

After a submarine mess with mermaids and fishmen, Portgaz D. Ace leads the Pirates of Spades team to the New World, where pirate masters and rookies fight for territory and treasure. Ace chases the piracy scandal powerful enough to change the world order while escaping memories of his secret past. To achieve this goal, he has set his sights on one of the most powerful fleets in the ocean – the Whitebeard Pirates, led by the most powerful man in the world, the fearsome pirate Whitebeard!

Reaction to Ace’s death flared up again with Oda’s new comments

The death of Portgaz D. Ace was arguably the most emotional and tragic farewell to the global One Piece community to date, and many fans held to the view that his death was unnecessarily harsh.

Interestingly, this topic was recently covered by mangaka Eiichiro Oda and sparked a new wave of discussion within the community.

One Piece Twitter news page ‘sandman_AP’ shared It’s a quote from a recent report that claims Oda never understood why fans’ reaction to Ace’s death was so controversial until they watched the corresponding anime episode.

“The Marineford arc, Oda, got a lot of fan letters asking him to save Ace’s life. Even his editor asked him *every week*, ‘Are you really going to kill Ace? This is not a good idea.” After watching the anime episode, Oda said, “I wonder why Ace had to be killed so hard.”

Not surprisingly, replies to the post included the concept of hypocrisy, given that Oda was the first to come up with Ace’s death:

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