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Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 34 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Buyuk Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 34 with urdu Subtitles

Watch Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 7 i.e 34 in urdu/ with urdu subtitles. by historic series/ makki tv/ giveme5, Alp Arslan is one of the bravest Sultan of Islamic history who defeated the 300,000 crusaders with only 20,000 Muslims. Who was Alp Arslan and what battles did he perform, it is very important for the present-day Muslims to be familiar with this history. That is why we are including some important facts about this great Muslim conqueror in this article

Ancestors of Alp Arslan

During the Abbasid Caliphate, a non-Muslim Turkic leader named Seljuq migrated with some families and settled in Jund near Bukhara in Central Asia. There was a majority of Muslims in this area, with whom these non-Muslim Turks established fraternal relations. The people of Seljuq and his tribe were influenced by Islamic teachings to such an extent that the entire tribe became Muslim.

Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Seson 2

This Seljuq tribe became famous in Jund and its surrounding areas due to its bravery and honesty, and other Turkic tribes also became chieftains. began to assemble under the Saljuq flag. Due to this unity of the Turks, the Seljuqs founded a small independent state, which later became known as the Seljuk Empire. Over time, many areas of Central Asia, Europe, present-day Turkey and Iran became part of the Seljuk Empire.

Chaghri Beig

Although the Seljuk Empire was an independent state, the Turkish rulers and tribes respected the Abbasid Caliphate immensely, so they considered it a blessing to receive the certificate of rulership and other honors from the Abbasid Caliph. This Seljuk chieftain had three sons whose names were Israel, Moses and Mikael.

Alp Arslan as the Seljuk Sultan

Tughral Beig when become Sultan , appointed his nephew Muhammad Alp Arslan as the governor of the province Marwa and later on as Sultan. Sultan Muhammad (Alp Arslan) made the city of Ray the capital of the Seljuk government. This was the period when the European crusaders became quite powerful in the vicinity of the Seljuk Empire and often raided Muslim areas, plundering and killing.

Historical Victory

As soon as Alp Arslan took charge of the Seljuk Empire, he fought the rioting crusaders and annexed their territories of Armenia and Georgia to the Seljuk Empire. So Sultan Alp Arslan abolished the Fatimid rule from the holy Hijaz and hoisted the flag of the Abbasid Caliphate there in 462 AH corresponding to 1069 AH. Alp Arslan was the first Turkish ruler who served the Holy Hijaz.

Battle of Malazgart

Sultan Alp Arslan was in Azerbaijan when he was informed of the arrival of Caesar’s army. He met his army like a storm. According to some traditions, Sultan Alp Arsalan had a short army of 15 thousand. Under the brave leadership of Sultan Alp Arslan, a new history was made in the field of Malazgart and the Muslims were victorious in this battle.

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