Attack on Titan’s Mikasa was inspired by an everyday customer the author met in a cafe

Hajime Isayama is always applauded for the phenomenal work he has put in all of his characters of Attack on Titan and what makes them more interesting is how they have been inspired by real-life people.

Attack on Titan anime managed to break several records when it was released in 2013 and things are no different in 2023. The series continues to become popular even with the manga finishing in 2021. With people eagerly waiting to see how the story unfolds, one cannot help but look into how remarkably Isayama took inspiration from real-life individuals and turned them into popular characters.

Mikasa is inspired by a real-life person

In an interview, Isayama confessed that a lot of his characters were inspired by the people he had seen in real life. For instance, he captured profiles of athletes, wrestlers, and even his friends.

Things were no different when he sketched Mikasa’s character. Isayama admitted that he got the idea for Mikasa after meeting a customer while working at a cafe.

He said: “Back then I constantly wondered, “How would I fabricate this character?” And the moment I saw that customer I thought, “Just like that!” I immediately grabbed a receipt next to me and sketched some ideas on the back. The concept for the Eastern Sea tribe, and even including how Mikasa wore her scarf, was via the details I gathered back then. Moreover, even though I would use athletes, friends from my hometown, etc. as inspiration, what I look for isn’t a well-portioned, beautiful face, but rather a strong, eye-catching face.”

MMA and WWE stars have also inspired his sketches

In the same interview, Isayama stated that MMA and WWE stars have inspired some of the characters in the story.

For instance, Eren’s Titan form was inspired by MMA star Yushin Okami. Takanori Gomi is another MMA artist whose fighting style was used as a reference throughout the storyline.

With the storyline of Attack on Titan, Isayama understood that it wasn’t important to make the character look attractive as its physique would be a dominating factor. He said: “You should draw them in a way that causes people to become preoccupied with their physiques because this is how the reader will feel more intimacy with them.”

What chapter of manga does the Attack on Titan anime end-on?

Fans who cannot wait for Attack on Titan anime to return can start reading the manga from chapter 131. The Season 4 Part 2 covered Chapter 130.

In total, there are 139 chapters in the manga.

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