Baki Hanma’s Journey to Becoming the Strongest Fighter

In the world of martial arts, strength and power reign supreme. Baki Hanma, a 13-year-old boy, has a monumental task ahead of him – to become as strong as his father, Yujiro Hanma, the strongest man on earth. Guided by his mother, Emmy Akazawa, who is deeply in love with Yujiro, Baki embarks on a journey to hone his skills and prove himself worthy of his father’s legacy. This article explores Baki’s trials and triumphs as he faces formidable adversaries and strives to become the ultimate fighter.

A Mother’s Support

Emmy Akazawa, though not romantically in love with Baki, assists him in his training endeavors. She arranges for Baki to fight a hundred bandits to strengthen him. While Baki showcases his strength by defeating 37 of them, he realizes that he needs to find a new path to become as strong as his father.

Encounters with Muhammad Ali Jr. and Ando

In his pursuit of strength, Baki meets professional boxer Muhammad Ali Jr., the undisputed champion in his weight category. Baki challenges him but suffers a defeat with a single punch. Undeterred, Baki heads to the mountains where he meets Ando, a longtime friend of the Hanma family. Baki shares his goal of defeating Yashizaru, a three-meter demon, and with Ando’s help, he faces his fears and grows stronger.

Baki’s Path to Self-Discovery

Through his battles with Yashizaru, Baki learns to transcend his limits. He jumps off a cliff and experiences a surreal moment where everything slows down, enabling him to dodge obstacles and land safely. He gains immense strength and eventually defeats Yashizaru, but the victory leaves him feeling empty.

Muhammad Ali Jr.’s Fight and Hanayama’s Challenge

Baki witnesses Muhammad Ali Jr.’s fight for the middleweight championship, where money fails to lure the champion. Muhammad Ali Jr. aims to win the heavyweight division as well, but Baki points out that his father’s younger self was faster and more dangerous. Hanayama, a young mafia boss seeking a fight with Yujiro, challenges Baki and defeats Muhammad Ali Jr. in a brutal encounter.

The Battle with Hanayama

Baki’s confrontation with Hanayama escalates as he faces life-threatening injuries. He eventually overcomes the mafia boss but shows respect for him as an adversary. Yujiro intervenes, effortlessly defeating Hanayama and leaving Baki with a motivation to prove himself.

Training and Defeating the God of War

Baki seeks strength by training with a group of mercenaries in Hokkaido. Among them is a warrior known as the God of War, who rivals Yujiro’s power. Baki confronts the God of War in a fierce battle, during which he learns to control endorphins and emerges victorious.

The Ultimate Challenge: Fighting Yujiro

Baki embarks on a two-year journey to Brazil to further enhance his strength. Upon his return, he joins underground fights in Tokyo, earning the title of champion. Yujiro challenges him, leading to a brutal fight where Baki’s determination and resilience are tested. Despite his efforts, Baki is overpowered and defeated by his father.

A Mother’s Love and a Fighter’s Resolve

Akazawa stands up for her son, but Yujiro cruelly destroys her. Filled with despair, Baki encounters three thugs but is saved by Hanayama, who sympathizes with him after the loss of his own mother. Determined to become strong enough to defeat Yujiro, Baki leaves Japan for two years and becomes even more powerful.

The World of Martial Arts

Baki Hanma’s journey is one of perseverance, courage, and unyielding determination to become the strongest fighter. Despite facing defeat and enduring immense challenges, Baki continues to push his limits and seek the path to greatness. With his unwavering spirit and a resolve to surpass even his father, Yujiro Hanma, Baki’s quest for ultimate strength remains unending. The world of martial arts awaits the rise of a new legend, the indomitable Baki Hanma.

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