Black Clover Chapter 356 Spoilers tease Yuno’s intense fight with Lucius

The spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 356 have been released on Twitter by the reputed leakers, and in this post, you can get a detailed summary of the leaks.

Yuno has become more vital than anyone could have imagined. His true potential was revealed when Lucius attacked the Clover Kingdom with his powerful spell, and only Yuno could stop his spell with his magic. In fact, William also realizes that Yuno has become more potent than him so he makes him the Captain of Golden Dawn. Besides this, the amount of strength he comes with also makes him eligible for the Wizard King title.

The leaks for the manga‘s upcoming chapter show how he could not only help himself, but in fact, he can also enhance the strength of his fellow magic knights. So, let’s get into the article to know more about the chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 356 spoilers

The chapter titled Neverland begins with showing all the magic knights encouraging Yuno as the battle between him and Lucius is about to start. Even though Lucius already knows Yuno’s potential, he believes that Yuno can not defeat him. Simultaneously, the other magic knights starts fighting the legless creatures, but their magic could not harm the enigmatic beings. That’s because the beings have a unique ability that makes them undestroyable.

Lucius’ Paladin Morris starts mumbling that the ones who are fighting against world peace are talking about bringing order. On the other hand, En gets hopeless, seeing that their powers are nothing compared to that of the legless angels. However, he also gets self-motivated and says that no matter what, he will not let the creatures harm the citizens of the kingdom.

Sol also says that they should not give up, and after that, she attacks the beings with her Golem, which looks really powerful. Bell shows up and says that this is the combined power of her and Yuno. This can boost the powers of the allies and reduce the enemies’ powers. However, the spoilers did not reveal the radius of the spell. Yuno attacks Lucius with Star x Wind: Neverland. Due to his magic spell, his fellow magic knights can be seen fighting with the legless angels more effectively.

Seeing how Yuno handles Lucius, Klaus admits that the former has the ability to become Wizard King. Lucius starts believing Yuno’s magic is born to combat him, so he declares him his rival. But Yuno denies accepting him as a rival. After that, he attacks Lucius with the Spirit of Zephyr.

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