Black Clover Chapter 357 Spoilers tease Lucius countering Yuno’s attack

Like the My Hero Academia manga, Black Clover returns after a one-week hiatus. So, the release date of the new chapter shifts from April 10, 2023, to April 17, 2023. As usual, the upcoming chapter has spoilers on social media before its official release.

Lucius and his Paladins are still in the Clover Kingdom, and Yuno is fighting them in every possible way. Even though he hasn’t defeated him yet, he has stopped him from causing any harm to the civilians using his magic. Moreover, in the previous chapter, we saw that by using his magic, he enabled the former magic knights to fight the legless creatures of Lucius.

So, as Lucius accepts Yuno as his rival, fans await to see how the two will end up in the battle. Will Lucius succeed in his mission, or will he get defeated by Yuno?

Black Clover Chapter 357 spoilers revealed

Lucius dodges Yuno’s attacks and says that if he can capture someone like Lucifero, dodging Yuno’s attack is not a big deal for him. In the next panel, we are taken to Jack’s flashback, where we see Jack realizing the potential of Yami’s power, as he could have easily destroyed Jack’s left eye if he was serious. After that, Yami also gets scolded by Morgen for not focusing on his fight with Jack.

Returning to the present, we see Yami’s changed behavior toward Jack, who is not feeling good about it. One of the NPC magic knights starts saying that the grey deer’s light and the dark combination is an elusive magic. Morgen hears this and tells the magic knight that his light will show him heaven.

Jack’s entire life starts flashing in front of his eyes, and he thinks he must give his best in the last attack. After releasing the last attack, he asks Yami how it was, and when he is about to collapse, he says that all he wanted in his life was to slice Yami. Morgen proudly says that more people will be put to death, but that will be their happy beginning as they will be reborn.

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