Blue Lock Spin-off movie on Nagi announced with Season 2

Blue Lock Season 2 and a spin-off movie focusing on Nagi were officially announced just after the anime’s Season 1 finale episode aired in Japan. March 25, 2023, should be considered the happiest day for anime fans, as many big anime announcements have surfaced online on this day.

Blue Lock is said to be the most successful sports anime that has not only seen a boost in the success of the animated TV show, but since the day it premiered on the screens, the sale of its source material has been increasing day by day.

Seeing the success of the first season of Blue Lock, every fan was sure that they would hear an announcement regarding a second season soon. However, no one expected it to be this soon, so obviously, the announcement came as a surprise. Not only a new season, but the franchise is also coming with a spin-off movie on Nagi that will be adapted from a spin-off manga series centered on the character. Besides that, the new projects of Blue Lock are already in the works. The release window/date of either has yet to be discovered.

Apart from that, Blue Lock Season 2 will premiere on Crunchyroll and Netflix for International fans, while the spin-off movie will get a theatrical release.

The announcement for the movie and the upcoming season is also posted on the official website of Blue Lock, and it reads:

In the second season of the TV series, a new battle of egoists who aim to become the best striker in the world will be depicted, centering on the main character: Seiichi Kiyoshi. The theatrical version is based on “Blue Rock -EPIOSODE Nagi-” (Original / Muneyuki Kaneshiro Manga / Kota Sannomiya Character Design / Yusuke Nomura) currently serialized in a separate volume Shonen Magazine, and from the perspective of the genius Seishiro Nagi, “Blue Rock”.

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