Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers show the consequences of Eida’s Spell

Early spoilers for Boruto Chapter 80 have been revealed on Twitter, and we are here to find out what the upcoming chapter has in store for us according to those spoilers.

The last chapter showed us something no one could have imagined in their wildest dreams. Tables have turned around, and now the main protagonist is getting chased by Team 10 for killing his own father. Kawaki, on the other hand, is living Boruto’s life, and it’s all because of Eida. While everyone, including Sasuke, was affected by Eida’s spell, only Sumire and Sarada remained immune to it. So, it will be exciting to see how Sumire and Sarada will prove useful for Boruto to bring him out of this mess.

Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers tease Sarada and Sumire standing up for Boruto

The manga chapter starts by showing that Boruto is still running from the villagers as they chase him, believing that he has killed the seventh god. Shikamaru confirms with Aida whether Boruto really killed Naruto, and she says yes under Kawaki’s influence. When Shikamaru announces this publicly, Sarada cries because she trusts Boruto that he cannot do such a thing. Sarada’s reaction reveals that she is not affected by Eida’s spell.

Eida asks Kawaki how far he wants to go. Kawaki says that he will not do anything to Naruto until he finishes off Boruto. Sasuke comes to Sarada, and seeing him, she starts saying that Boruto’s life is in danger as Mitsuki went after him to kill him. Sasuke seems to be under Eida’s spell, so he says that Mitsuki will be doing the right thing.

Sumire is also not affected by the spell, so she tells Sarada that Eida is behind all this, and as her spell has affected everyone, she and Sarada have to protect Boruto. Sarada tries harder to prove Boruto’s innocence to Sasuke, but he does not believe anything. However, when Sarada unlocks her powers and asks Sasuke to help Boruto, he can’t resist and agrees to help him. He tells Boruto that he does not have trust in his memories, but he can do anything for his daughter.

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