Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 Gets Delayed; New Release Date Revealed

Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 was supposed to release this week, but unfortunately, the chapter went on a brief break. Fortunately, we know when exactly we will get our hands on the delayed chapter, thanks to Manga Plus.

Chainsaw Man remains the top-read manga on Manga Plus, and we hope it sticks to the position for a long time. Even though the anime adaptation of the manga couldn’t win many fans because of the slow pacing, the manga is doing pretty well. The massive readership on Manga Plus gives us an idea of how much fans adore the gore-filled manga.

When will Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 get released?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 will be released on Manga Plus and Viz Media at 8:00 AM Pacific Timing on Tuesday, May 16, 2023. The rest of the world must follow the timings we have provided below to keep track of the anticipated upcoming chapter.

What happened in Chainsaw Man’s previous chapter

Yoru is desperate to see the chainsaw man dying, so she asks Asa to kill him. She also says that she will free Asa once her mortal enemy dies. However, Asa denies it because the chainsaw man has protected her several times. So, instead of killing him, she revives him using her own blood. She takes a big rock and hurts herself to wake the chainsaw man.

As Chainsaw Man wakes up, he saves Asa and Yoru from the tendril that’s targeted toward them. Asa asks him to steal the bike that’s in front of them, but the chainsaw man denies it because he spots a woman riding it. After that, they see a man on a bike, and the chainsaw man doesn’t throw any tantrums stealing his motorcycle. However, he tells that man that Asa provoked him for the theft.

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