Demon Slayer: Does Muichiro Tokito die?

In the new episode of Demon Slayer Season 3, Muichiro Tokito gets captured by Gyokko, Upper Moon Five, and fans are worried, thinking about whether he gets killed at the hands of the terrible demon.

Muichiro Tokito is the mist hashira who plays an important role in the Swordsmith Village Arc. When we first saw him, he looked like a cold-hearted person, but after his interaction with Tanjiro, several changes were seen in him, not the bad changes, of course. For instance, while crossing the forest, he sees Kotetsu getting attacked by a fish monster. He decides to help the kid because he recalls a memory of Tanjiro, in which he says that ‘helping others eventually ends up being good for me.’

However, in the series’ new episode, Muichiro gets confronted by Gyokko, and as something strange happens with the hashira, everyone wants to know if he survives.

Does Muichiro Tokito die in the anime series?

No, Muichiro Tokito doesn’t die in the anime series yet. In the one-to-one combat with Gyokko, Muichiro gets fatal injuries, but that couldn’t put the strong hashira on his death bed. While saving Kotetsu and the other swordsmith, the Mist hashira took the deadly needles released by the fish monsters all on himself. Gyokko says that the needles are full of poison that will make his limbs go numb after some time, putting him to death. After saying this, the monster also captures Tokito in a big water bubble in which it wasn’t possible for him to use his breathing techniques.

Seeing him stuck in a situation like this, Kotetsu goes to him to help him, but Muichiro denies taking his help. However, later Muichiro recalls that Tanjiro once said that taking help from others makes you no less, so he agrees. The next moment, Kotetsu frees Tokito by filling the bubble with air and allowing the Hashira to perform the second form of Mist breathing. This way, he survives the Upper Moon Five’s attack.

Does the Mist Hashira die in the manga?

Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira, does not die until the Infinity Castle arc, where he fights the Upper Moon One Kokushibo alongside Genya, the Wind Hashira, and the Stone Hashira. Even though the group of demon slayers defeated the demon, they couldn’t stop Muichiro and Genya from meeting their dark fate.

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