Demon Slayer Season 3: Does Genya Die?

Here’s a quick question for all the Demon Slayer fans— Do you remember the guy whose arm Tanjiro almost broke in the Final Selection? Yes, we are talking about Genya, who appeared after a long time in Demon Slayer in the latest season. Furthermore, as we saw him getting stabbed with a spear by one of the Hantengu’s clones, let’s find out if he is dead.

Warning- Spoilers from the manga ahead

Netflix is streaming Demon Slayer Season 3 for the global fandom, and with the release of just three episodes, it has become the most trending anime series on Twitter. Fans are calling the latest episode a peak fiction as it has truly heated things up by bringing the most peaceful village into the knowledge of the demons.

Does Genya die in Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc?

No, Genya doesn’t die even after getting brutally stabbed by Aizetsu with a spear. When Sekido attacked Tanjiro with his lightning technique, Genya watched everything from the roof. He started shooting the demons with bullets, but he wasn’t aware that the demons could regenerate quickly, even if their heads were cut into pieces. As Tanjiro explains to him that the head of these demons isn’t their weak point, Urogi takes him into the sky. On the other hand, Aizetsu inserts a spear into Genya’s stomach.

After that, the episode did not reveal anything about the character, so every viewer wanted to know if he was dead or had survived. The manga says that the character is neither dead nor will he die anytime soon, as the following arcs will bring him back to the picture. For instance, the next arc, i.e., the Hashira Training arc, will show Tanjiro and Genya crossing paths again during the training conducted by Sanemi, the Wind Hashira.

Genya has no breathing style, so he gains physical strength by consuming demons. He stays alive until he gets killed in a battle between the demon warriors (Genya, Sanemi, Tokito, Himejima) and the Upper-Rank One.

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