Demon Slayer: Who is Karaku?

Demon Slayer’s much-awaited third season is finally here, and the Swordsmith Village arc is moving at an incredible pace. In just four episodes, it has started the intense battle between the demon slayers and the Upper-Rank Four demon. As shown in the third episode, Hantengu, Upper-Rank Four, has different personalities, and one of those personalities is Karaku.

Hantengu has six different personalities in Demon Slayer: Sekido, Karaku, Aizetsu, Urogi, Zohakuten, and Urami. However, for now, we’ve only seen the first four personalities on the TV show. Each personality of the demon is fearsome and deadly, but Karaku definitely got everyone’s attention by blowing Muichiro away from a single attack. 

Karaku in Demon Slayer Explained

Each personality of Hantengu reflects a powerful emotion. Sekido displays anger, Aizetsu displays sorrow, Urogi displays joy, and Karaku displays pleasure. So, you could say that Karaku is one of those demons who takes pleasure in others’ suffering. He doesn’t want to kill his opponents quickly; instead, he takes his time with the person he’s fighting and mocks them for as long as he can. That can be seen when Karaku was fighting Nezuko. Sekido was ordering Karaku to kill the girl, but Karaku was holding on to her and continued to mock her with his incredible strength. 

Of course, Karaku flaunts incredible strength, and that has been seen in the battle so far. But what truly intrigued every anime fan was Karaku’s weapon. He holds a maple-like leaf, which he simply blows to unleash a powerful force. This force is so powerful that it can send anyone flying miles away, as it did with Muichiro. It can also easily crush someone’s bones if pressure is exerted on the ground. We saw that happening with Tanjiro and Nezuko in the latest episode. The brother-sister duo fainted because of Karaku’s attack, and the demon intends to kill them with a final strike. But it’s highly likely that Tanjiro or Nezuko will die at Karaku’s hands.

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