Demon Slayer: Who is Mitsuri Kanroji?

Mitsuri Kanroji, aka the Love Hashira, will play a prominent role in Demon Slayer‘s latest season, but despite her brief appearance in the anime series until now, the community is eager to know about her.

When Tanjiro reaches the swordsmith village and heads toward the hot spring, he meets the Love hashira for the first time since their encounter at the end of the first season. However, it was the first time Tanjiro had a real-time conversation with the Hashira. He also learned the interesting reason for Mitsuri becoming a demon warrior. Well, you would be amazed to know the reason, too, so be with us as we unfold some exciting details about the charming hashira.

Who is Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer?

Mitsuri Kanroji is the love pillar of the Demon Slayer series, who was born with superhuman strength. Growing up, she developed dense muscles that made her different from other residents of her hometown. Since childhood, Mitsuri was a warm person who always showed compassion and love toward others, whether humans or animals. Well, she did not change her behavior even after becoming a hashira.

When Tanjiro encounters her in the hot spring of the swordsmith village, Mitsuri reveals to him that she has joined the Demon Slayer Corps to find a strong man with whom she can spend her entire life. This makes her different from the other demon warriors as most of them have joined the association either to avenge their loved one’s death or they have other tragic stories.

Initially, she received training from Kyojuro Rengoku, who wanted her to take his place if something happened to him while fighting the demons. However, during the training, Mitsuri invented her own breathing style, known as the Love breathing. She created this unique breathing style by modifying Rengoku’s Flame breathing.

The Love hashira is also one of the most skilled swordsmen among the members of Demon Slayer Corps. Well, her sword is also designed to match her level of strength and flexibility, so unlike the other hashiras and the demon slayers, she possesses a blade that has flexibility properties. Hence, her Nichirin sword is a perfect companion for her during her confrontation with the most powerful and deadly demons.

As of now, we haven’t seen much of her in the anime series, but the latest episode’s climax revealed that she would be seen fighting for the safety of villagers in the next episode. So, make sure to catch up with the fifth action-packed episode of Demon Slayer in the following week.

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