Demon Slayer: Who Killed Genya’s Mother?

In the new episode of Demon Slayer, fans are upset seeing what Genya had to go through when he was a child. Yes, the latest episode of the anime series showed us Genya’s traumatizing past.

Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 6 shifts its focus toward Genya as the character is seen thinking about his past, when his entire family was killed, leaving him and his elder brother behind. The flashback of his past life also showed his mother’s death, so let’s find out what happened to her.

Who killed Genya’s Mom in Demon Slayer?

Genya starts thinking about his past life as he is about to get hit by one of the clones of Hantengu. The flashback begins with showing her Mother, who struggled her entire life to raise her children. Genya’s father was a good-for-nothing person who used to beat his mother. His father also used to beat him and his siblings, but their mother always saved them. After their father’s death, all of them were living their life happily.

One night, Genya’s mother does not return home, so Sanemi, the wind hashira, goes searching for her. Suddenly, Genya’s siblings go toward the door as they hear a noise from outside. They believed it to be their mother, but it wasn’t her; it was a demon. After that, Genya goes out in search of his mother, and that’s when he sees his mother’s corpse and Sanemi standing beside her, holding a sword. Genya blames him for everything. However, later, he realized that his mother turned into a demon, and she was the one who killed his younger siblings. He also learned that Sanemi only killed her in self-defense.

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