Demon Slayer Will Reportedly Get Multiple Movies For Its Longest Manga Arc

One of the most popular anime series of the modern era, “Demon Slayer,” is reportedly set to receive not just one but multiple anime film adaptations, according to a recent leak.

demon slayer season 4

The production staff behind the anime adaptation seems to have found a winning formula. Given the amazing success of the previous “Demon Slayer” films, it’s no surprise that another film is in the works.

The leak comes from a credible Twitter user, oecuf, who revealed that the “Infinity Castle Arc” will be adapted into a movie. The tweet also indicates that fans can expect an official announcement from Studio Ufotable soon.

demon slayer leak

Longest Arc to Be Split into Multiple Movies

In a follow-up tweet, the leaker confirmed that fans could expect multiple anime movies, as the “Infinity Castle Arc” is the longest arc in the “Demon Slayer” manga series, covering chapters 137-180.

The “Demon Slayer” manga series consists of a total of 7 major arcs:

  • Unwavering Resolve Arc (Chapters 1-53)
  • Mugen Train Arc (Chapters 54-66)
  • Entertainment District Arc (Chapters 67-97)
  • Swordsmith Village Arc (Chapters 98-127)
  • Hashira Training Arc (Chapters 128-136)
  • Infinity Castle Arc (Chapters 137-180)
  • Sunrise Countdown Arc (Chapters 181-205)

The “Hashira Training Arc” has already been officially announced to be adapted into “Demon Slayer” Season 4. The “Infinity Castle Arc,” consisting of 43 chapters, will indeed require multiple anime movies for a full adaptation.

It’s worth noting that “Demon Slayer” Season 4, which is adapting the “Hashira Training Arc,” has yet to announce a release date. Considering that it typically takes ten months to a year and a half to produce a 12-episode anime season, the release date for the films is likely, not imminent.

However, fans should await the official announcement, as the studio might be working simultaneously on Season 4 and the films, especially considering how profitable the first two films have been.

What Will Happen In Infinity Castle Arc? (No Spoilers)

In the “Swordsmith Village Arc” (Chapters 98-127), Tanjiro and his companions travel to the secretive Swordsmith Village to repair their damaged swords. Here, they encounter new allies and face formidable foes, including Upper-Rank demons.

The arc explores the art of sword-making and explores the history and techniques of the Demon Slayer Corps. As the arc concludes, the story transitions into the “Hashira Training Arc” (Chapters 128-136), where the Demon Slayers undergo rigorous training with the Hashira to hone their skills and prepare for the impending battle against Muzan Kibutsuji.

This training sets the stage for the “Infinity Castle Arc” (Chapters 137-180), where the Demon Slayer Corps launches an all-out assault on Muzan’s stronghold, the ever-changing Infinity Castle.

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