Destan All Episodes in Urdu Subtitles

One of the important states of the Turks before Islam was the Gok state. It is a state of special importance in Turkish history. The Turks accepted Islam in very small numbers during the period of The Holy Prophet (PBUH). Basu, the ruler of the Qai tribe, accepted Islam during this period. After his death, his son Qarakhan converted to Islam and sent his minister Korkut to the service of The Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet sent Salman Farsi with him to convey Islamic teachings to them.

Islam and the Turks

During the Caliphate of Banu Abbas, Turkish factions entered Islam and held important positions, even the security forces of Caliph Mu’tasim had ten thousand Turkish soldiers. Among the Turks, Aq Huns were the first to get acquainted with Islam. The rays of Islam had grown among the Turkish people, but the rulers were still following the religion of their ancestors. In 920 A.D., the ruler of the Etil Bulghar kingdom, Almish Khan, was the first Islamic Turkish ruler who declared Islam as the religion of his empire. The second Islamic state of the Turks is that of the Karakhanids. They played a great role in the spread of Islam, even one million Turks entered Islam thanks to them.

Destan all Episodes in Urdu Subtitles

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