Destan Episode 14 Urdu & English Subtitles

Destan Episode 14 Urdu Subtitles by Makki TV

 Watch and download Destan Episode 14 with Urdu Subtitles by Makki Tv, Historic Series, Giveme 5. Destan Turkish Series is about the epic love of Akkız, the legendary warrior. Some friends have many objections to Turkish dramas. Some people object that Turkey itself has a liberal society, but in the play they show women wrapped in dresses. Some people don’t like Usman, some like Ertuğl. Now, since Barbarossa started, its story, dialogues, direction, scenery and even the actors who work very hard are criticized a lot. And look at the sacrifices, yet some people do not know what kind of objections they bring out from where.


The creations of ‘Jalaluddin Khwarazmi’ and recently in the 9th century before the Turks brought Islam, the drama story has started. These are the dramas on which many websites, including the historical series, work hard day and night to bring them to their viewers in a timely manner with Urdu and English subtitles. But still, someone has an objection that there is one drama after another on the same topic. The speed of passing time is very slow. One goes into the details of each character. So friends, let’s talk about this topic.

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As you all know, drama industry is a vast industry. Drama is a story based on a specific time on a topic. While in a drama series there are different themes in each episode, but a drama serial is an episodic story based on the same theme. For setting up a drama where crores of rupees, the labor of thousands of people and extremely expensive machinery, the weather is cold and hot. Hot and unfavorable conditions have to be faced, and the employment of thousands of people is also involved.

The Wait is Over

Now, from Dariles Ertugul Ghazi to the drama Dastan, after spending crores of rupees, these dramas will not be made in vain with the hard work of thousands of people. Of course, no. Know the hidden motives behind them. These are the reminders that remind Muslims all over the world of their lost civilization, the glory of their forefathers and the great era when the hearts and souls of the Aghyars. I was in awe of his bravery and fear of justice.

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When the faces of our ancestors were being distorted to our own generation, efforts are being made to bring to light the true features and true colors of our faces through these historical and purposeful dramas. The lost and distorted Islamic civilization. And civilization is being re-introduced in our life. References are being given to Quran and Hadith. Sometimes Ibn al-Arabi, Qamar al-Abdal, Sheikh Adibali and Imam Ghazali, and sometimes dignified mothers, Ama Haima, Seljan, Asfiriya, Zubaydah appear in the form of women.

Islam in Turks Starts

And those loyal wives are also a part of these dramas who happily send their beloved husbands and sons on the path of martyrdom. So friends, watch these dramas with love and passion. And understand the message hidden in them. These are not only plays of Turkey, but they are a knock to awaken faith in the hearts and souls of the entire Islamic world. There are dramas that illuminate the fading light of Islam. These are the supreme shining examples of our forefathers of our glorious past that remove rust from hearts and awaken souls. Embrace them not only see them but also apply them in your practical lives. Time will come let these dramas guide and guide you. will God willing

 Watch and download Destan Episode 14 with Urdu Subtitles

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