Hay Sultan Abdulkadir Geylani in Urdu & English Subtitles

“Hay Sultan” is a Turkish drama series that premiered in 2023. The series revolves around the journey of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani and Ashraf, who meet during their travels and set off together for Baghdad. Upon returning from seclusion, Abdulkadir Geylani witnesses the chaos in the city and becomes involved in the struggle for the truth.

AbdulKadir Geylani lived a life dedicated to spirituality, learning, and helping others. He had a strong influence on Islamic mysticism and created the Qadiriyya Order, which has had a lasting impact on the world. Many people still find inspiration in AbdulKadir Geylani’s teachings, as they seek to grow spiritually. His teachings remind us of the valuable wisdom we can gain by searching for divine truth.

Abdul Qadir Gilani: Hay Sultan Season 1 in Urdu / English Subtitles

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