Heavenly Delusion anime Episode 1 Release date

The much-awaited Spring season of anime is upon us, and the new season will begin with the premiere of Heavenly Delusion, the anime adaptation of Masakazu Ishiguro’s popular sci-fi manga. If you’re also waiting for the anime’s release, here’s all you need to know about its release schedule and streaming platform. 

Heavenly Delusion is a fantastic manga series set in a post-apocalyptic world where a group of children is trying to survive. It’s a story where the main characters find the motivation to see the outside world, explore forbidden territories, and uncover the mystery behind the world’s demise. 

When Does Heavenly Delusion Come Out?

Heavenly Delusion is scheduled to premiere with the release of Episode 1 on April 1, 2023. The anime will air on local channels for Japanese fans at 10:00 PM JST (Japan Timing), but international fans can only stream the anime on Disney Plus. On the other hand, fans in the U.S. can stream the episode on Hulu. So, Heavenly Delusion is following the same path as Bleach TYBW and Tokyo Revengers Season 2. 

Disney and Hulu (Only for U.S. viewers) streaming services will simulcast the anime series for the international audience. However, it’s unclear if the anime will stream on the platform in every region outside Japan. The streaming giant also hasn’t confirmed an exact release time for episode 1; however, since it’s a simulcast, fans can expect it to arrive within an hour of the Japanese release. If that’s how things work out, episode 1 will be available on Disney Plus with English subtitles around 7 AM PT/10 AM ET. 

What is Heavenly Delusion About?

Heavenly Delusion is about a group of children who are being raised in a post-apocalyptic world inside a facility. Tokio, a girl who knows nothing about the outside world, one day gets an invitation in the form of a message to explore the world. 

Another child, Mimihime, also in the facility, foretells about someone from the outside world arriving to save Tokio from this prison. Meanwhile, Maru, a boy living in the outside world, has embarked on a journey to find a safe haven. While people inside the facility describe the outside world as “Hell,” Maru is in search of a “Heaven” in that same world.

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