Heavenly Delusion season 2 unfortunately may not air for a few more years

Have Heavenly Delusion (Tengoku Daimakyou) has been renewed for season 2, what will it be about and potentially when will it air?

The Spring 2023 anime airing list is coming to an end, and while the likes of Demon Slayer and Oshi No Ko are dominating the season, arguably the most interesting new series was Heavenly Delusion, aka Tengoku Daimakyou.

The season 1 finale will premiere on Hulu and Disney this weekend, ending the first saga of Kiruko and Maru’s adventure in an unforgettable post-apocalyptic Japan: now fans are wondering what the future of this series will be.

Here’s everything fans need to know about Heavenly Delusion (Tengoku Daimakyou) TV season 2, including its renewal status and why it may take several years for the anime to return to our screens.

Heavenly Delusion season 2 renewal status

As previously stated, Heavenly Delusion (Tengoku Daimakyou) has not yet been explicitly renewed for season 2 by Production IG; however, all signs that the anime will return for a second release are there – it may be a few years before it airs.

In fact, rumors are circulating from well-known anime news leakers that a second season is being planned by the show’s producers. Recently Twitter leak ‘oecuf0’ regiment “TV ANIME will be Season 2 of “Tengoku Daimakyou (Heavenly Delusion / A Journey Beyond Heaven) 天国大魔境”!”

While fans should always be skeptical of anime leaks, this page has historically been relatively accurate when it comes to news announcements.

What we do know for sure is that modern anime refreshes typically depend on two main factors: the success of the series as a whole and the availability of source material from the original light novel or manga series.

Fortunately, the Heavenly Delusion anime has been positively received by fans both domestically in Japan and internationally. Ahead of the season finale, the series scores a solid 8.21/10 on MyAnimeList, 8.2/10 on IMDB, 77% on Amylist, and 4.1/5 on Anime Planet.

Additionally, Masakazu Ishiguro’s original manga series continues to release new content, starting in January 2018. The Heavenly Delusion episode 13 season 1 finale is expected to be adapted up to the 37th episode, the final episode of the original manga series. of Volume 6 – Released in Japan in July 2021.

The good news is that the original manga is still running with 55 chapters in nine full Tankobon volumes released in Japan, so there will eventually be enough source material for the second season of the Heavenly Delusion (Tengoku Daimakyo) anime adaptation.

In general, the announcement of the second season should be a matter of time, but what will the next adventure be about?

Heavenly Delusion season 2 plot

Although the Heavenly Delusion (Tengoku Daimakyou) anime does not strictly adhere to the sequence of events shown in the manga and there is no official season 2 announcement, we can give some information about the plot of the 2nd season.

translated summary The following statements are included for the 7th volume of Heavenly Delusion, which is expected to continue the second season of the anime:

“Maru and Kiruko travel in a future Japan, which has become a ‘magical land’, in search of a ‘heaven’ where they don’t know where it is. The two travel to the “Highland Academy” Nara facility, following the “Kiru ray symbol”, which they believe is the key to finding “Heaven.” But they are blocked by a “strange figure” while wandering through the woods……. Meanwhile, the “Highland School” in “Paradise” is attacked by someone and the children are “protected” by the attackers. The children were leading a new life, but the “principal”‘s plan was revealed and ……! Finally, “Paradise” and “Magic World” are connected in this collective drama of surviving boys and girls!”

Heavenly Delusion season 2 potential release date

The problem with predicting a potential release date for Heavenly Delusion season 2 is that there probably isn’t enough source material yet to make a second season right away.

As previously announced, the season 1 finale is expected to adapt by the end of Volume 6; however, only nine volumes were published in Japan at the time of writing. Most likely, Production IG will need at least two manga volumes worth of content to produce season 2 of the anime series.

Unfortunately, the Heavenly Delusion manga traditionally releases only two manga volumes per year, typically with six chapters each. This means that not enough content will be available for season 2 until at least Summer 2024.

Assuming Production IG will continue a similar production cycle to season 1, fans may not see the Heavenly Delusion anime return for season 2 until late 2024, or more realistically, 2025.

More importantly, this was also included in the aforementioned “leak” regarding the refresh status by adding “It won’t be out for a while” with the Twitter page “oecuf0”.

This article will be updated as more information about Heavenly Delusion season 2 becomes available.

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