Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Release Date and Time

Hell’s Paradise is one of the anime of the Spring 2023 slate that’s actually able to satisfy fans since its first episode. Now, as the anime series approaches its seventh episode, you might be looking for its release schedule. Well, here it is.

Hell’s Paradise comes with the main protagonist, Gabimaru, who kills his enemies in the most brutal fashion. However, he doesn’t kill anyone if he doesn’t mean any harm. When we first met him, he was spending the days of his life in prison as he was sentenced to death in the prison itself.

However, every time, the executioner’s attempts failed as he was way too strong than anyone would have imagined. One day, the authorities decide to send some prisoners to bring the elixir of immortality from a hidden Island that’s said to be free of any suffering. However, as every prisoner, including Gabimaru, arrives at the Island, they realize that the island is nothing how they imagined it.

When will Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 get released?

Hell’s Paradise will get released on Saturday, May 13, 2023, at 8:30 AM PT. Crunchyroll will bring the episode for every region of the world at different timings due to the time differences. Well, here, we have given the time schedule you should follow:

A brief recap of Hell’s Paradise Episode 6

In the previous episode, we witnessed a brutal fight between some major characters. Gabimaru and Sagiri join hands to fight Rokurota together. Rokurota’s immense strength wasn’t easy to deal with. Genji tried taking him down earlier but ended up taking fatal injuries. So, Genji did not want Sagiri to face the same things, so he insisted that she run away. However, Sagiri does not give up.

Gabimaru and Sagiri started making plans to defeat him. They thought that cutting Rokurota’s legs might bring him down. Later, with the help of Senta and Yuzuriha, they set the forest on fire, and that’s when we see Rokorota giving up. When Rokurota came to his knees, Gabimaru helped Sagiri to behead him.

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