Hell’s Paradise season 2 manga pace, adapted episodes and story arcs

In the season 1 finale of Hell’s Paradise, the anime is expected to adapt over a third of the original manga before season 2.

While we’re still waiting for the season 2 announcement from Studio MAPPA, the popular anime series has plenty of epic source material to cover.

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Hell’s Paradise season 2 manga pace

The Hell’s Paradise anime has made a habit of adapting three to five manga chapters per episode, and the season 1 finale is expected to be adapted up to episode 46 of the original series.

This episode was the last episode of the manga Volume 5, which was released in Japan in March 2019 and currently serves as the best stopping point for anime.

The good news is that 127 episodes from the 13 separate Tankobon volumes were released in Japan (all volumes are already available in English), so it’s just over a third of the original story.

This summary For volume 5 that the anime will receive in season 2, it reads:

“Two of the most ruthless warriors – Hollow Gabimaru and Bandit King Aza Chobe – eventually cross paths and get into a fistfight. These two men are equally matched and utterly deadly… which means their duel will be one for the ages!”

There are four main storylines in the Hell’s Paradise manga:

Fans can purchase copies of the Hell’s Paradise manga at: Spanish Through Google Play, Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and digital versions directly through Viz Media, as well as outlets like Amazon, Waterstones, and Bookshop.

Hell’s Paradise season 2 renewal status

At the time of this writing, the Hell’s Paradise anime adaptation had not yet been renewed for season 2 by Studio MAPPA.

Modern anime renewals typically depend on two main factors: the availability of source material from an original light novel or manga, and the popularity of the broader franchise.

As previously announced, the anime adaptation is now a little over a third of the original manga, which means plenty of source material is available for season 2.

Hell’s Paradise should also prove popular enough to deserve a second production, with positive ratings of 8.25/10 on MyAnimeList, 4.2/5 on Anime Planet, 8.4/10 on IMDB, and 80% on Anilist.

The only major issue that needs to be addressed for Hell’s Paradise season 2 is the current production schedule of Studio MAPPA, which is probably one of the busiest production studios working in the industry.

As of June 30, the MAPPA team is working on Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 (Summer 2023), Alice to Therese (September 2023), Attack on Titan The Final Season (Fall 2023), and Bucchigiri (January 2024).

Considering that anime fans are waiting for season renewals for anime such as Chainsaw Man and One-Punch Man, there is a possibility that MAPPA will temporarily shelve season 2 of Hell’s Paradise in favor of alternative productions.

Overall, while the second season of Hell’s Paradise is expected to be filmed, it will likely be late 2024 when we see the anime return for a second mission.

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