In Demon Slayer, did Nezuko die, how did she survive in the sun, and did Tanjiro become a Hashira?


In the Demon Slayer manga, does Nezuko die, how does she manage to survive in the direct sun, and does Tanjiro become a Hashira?

A bittersweet moment for Demon Slayer fans, the season 3 finale is one of the most emotional farewells since Rengoku’s death in Mugen Train, only season 4 of the popular anime will be announced minutes after the finale airs in Japan. .

However, the conclusion of the Swordsmith Village Arc has left many fans with more questions than answers, especially regarding the adorable brothers Tanjiro and Nezuko. Specifically, did Nezuko die at the end of the Demon Slayer, how could she survive standing in direct sunlight, and did Tanjiro eventually become a Hashira friend?

spoiler alert: This article will contain spoilers for the Demon Slayer storyline, which is detailed in the finished manga and will be adapted in future seasons of the anime series.

Does Nezuko die in Demon Slayer?

Yes, when the Demon Slayer manga ended in episode 205, Nezuko Kamado sadly died; However, fans will be relieved to know that he actually died of old age and not in a battle against Muzan or a High Rank.

In the final chapter of the Demon Slayer story, Tamayo is able to synthesize a drug using Nezuko’s special blood compound that slowly turns her into a human. Unfortunately, this was Nezuko’s most vulnerable moment since the anime’s opening episode after Tanjiro angrily attacked her for transforming into a demon.

Nezuko desperately tries to keep her evil brother away while she tries to eat him, even when she suffers a bad injury to her arm, unable to recover; however, Kanao can inject her with the drug used on Nezuko to turn her back into a human. Nezuko and Tanjiro return to the Butterfly Mansion, where they lived until old age.

The Demon Slayer then ends in a significant way. time skip Forward several generations of the Kamado family; Nezuko has already died of old age, but at least she had the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and long life as a human being.

Nezko is standing in a field in a pink kimono on a sunny day.
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How did Nezuko survive the sun in Demon Slayer?

While it is never stated in the Demon Slayer manga why Nezuko was able to survive in the sun during the Swordsmith Village Arc, the most likely theory is that she never consumed human flesh and was descended from a Sun Breathing technique.

Throughout the Demon Slayer storyline, Nezuko is able to resist a demon’s urge to consume human flesh or blood, a key component of what makes up her powers. Of course, as the seduction grows, it goes into a frenzied frenzy many times; but his civil war against these passions would be the last straw against Muzan’s influence and then his weakness to the sun.

However, arguably the most important factor in Nezuko’s ability to survive direct sunlight is that she is descended from a warrior lineage that uses the Sun Breathing technique, such as Tanjiro’s Hinokami Kagura.

This technique was kryptonite against Muzan centuries before Tanjiro or Nezuko was born, meaning its power has had plenty of time to influence the genomes of its users. This may also be why Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art looks like a fiery inferno, meaning Nezuko can ignite her blood to a temperature that scorches other Demons.

Overall, although the exact reason Nezuko was able to survive in the sunlight has never been explained, it’s likely because her ancestry included the Sun Breathing technique, her Blood Demon Art was based on fire, and she avoided eating humans.

Tanjiro becoming Hashira in Demon Slayer?

No, season 4 of the Demon Slayer anime set Hashira Training Arc In this game where you would expect our main character to be a Hashira, Tanjiro Kamado never becomes one of the highest ranking warriors of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Tanjiro’s training is interrupted when Muzan launches his final attack against the Demon Slayer Corps, and the organization is disbanded after the battle is over.

At this point, Tanjiro proved to be one of the strongest fighters in the group, and he would undoubtedly be promoted to the rank of Hashira if the organization continued.

However, there is no need for Demon Slayer Corps, and thus Hashira, to continue, as the threat of demons has been completely eliminated; This means that Tanjiro never had a chance to become a full-fledged Hashira, despite being at the same power level as his former mentors.

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