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Kurulus Osman Episode 116 (S4 Episode 18) – Watch Now

The release date of Kurulus Osman episode 116 (season 4, episode 18) was postponed for three week, with Bozdag Films sending aid to the earthquake victims. But now the episode is uploaded on ATV. Scroll down to watch full episode. 

Episode 116 - Watch here

The world is still reeling from the enormous tragedy of devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, with humanitarian aid and support sent from around the world.

This included sections of the Turkish entertainment industry, with production studios including Bozdag Films sending aid from their sets to the disaster zone. Consequently, Kurulus Osman Episode 116 (Season 4, Episode 18) had been delayed

Osman Episode 116 establishment 

Kurulus Osman Bolum 116 (Season 4, Episode 18) was originally scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, February 8; however, due to tragic earthquake in the region, it was understandable that the new episode had been delayed.

Kurulus OSman Episode 116 in Urdu

The vast majority of major Turkish entertainment programs were postponed since previous 3 week, in favor of broadcasting news segments on the earthquake and coverage of ongoing search and rescue operations.

This information about the delay of Kurulus Osman episode 116 had been reaffirmed by outlets such as Fotomac, Aspor, Haber7, Haber7, Haberler and kazan; all of whom reported the postponement in light of the tragedy.

“The 166e Osman Establishment episode [Kurulus Osman], written and designed by Mehmet Bozdag, was scheduled to air on February 8. However, after the earthquake that shocked the whole of Turkey, the publication date of Establishment Osman was changed and it was learned that he will take a break from the screens this week.

ATV or showrunner Mehmet Bozdag had confirmed that the episode will be uploaded on March 1, 2023. a new release date for Kurulus Osman episode 116 online.

Kurulus Osman Episode 116 in English

History of delayed Kurulus Osman Episode 116



Bozdag Films Sended Aid From Set To Earthquake Victims

In light of the recent earthquake, Establishment Osman executive producer Mehmet Bozdag confirmed that Bozdag Films sended helps the victims of the tragedy in the form of caravans from the set and electric generators.

Kurulus Osman’s Twitter page also shared a statement from the wider ATV family:

“Condolences to Our Homeland, Our Nation. We are deeply saddened by the earthquake that affected many provinces. We wish the mercy of Allah to the citizens who lost their lives, condolences to their families and a speedy recovery to the injured. Get well soon Turkey.

  1. Fans of the Kurulus Osman series can help those affected by making donations to AFAD, AHBAP and the Turkish Red Crescent.


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