Magic and Muscles Episode 3 Release Date and Time

Have you ever imagined yourself in a place where everyone is superior to you on the basis of abilities? Well, that’s what the story of Mashle: Magic and Muscles is about. As the new anime series move forward with episode 3, let’s talk about when we can stream it.

The previous episode showed how the examiner of Easton Magic Academy used Lemon to stop Mash from getting admission to the academy. Despite the hurdles, Mash passed all the tests and impressed the academy’s headmaster with his intelligence. But this is just the start, as he will get even more obstacles on his way that he must cross bravely.

When will Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 3 be released?

Mashle: Magic and Muscles will get released on Friday, April 21, 2023, at 9:30 AM PT on Crunchyroll. In Japan, the episode will be broadcasted on BS11, Tokyo MX, and other local networks at Midnight on Saturday, April 22, 2023. If you wonder at what time does the episode release in your time zone, we have got your back.

  • Pacific Time- 9:30 AM
  • Mountain Time- 10:30 AM
  • Central Time- 11:30 AM
  • Eastern Time- 12:30 PM
  • British Time- 5:30 PM
  • European Time- 6:30 PM
  • Indian Time- 10:00 PM

Mash successfully made it to the Easton Magic Academy in the last episode

In the previous episode, we got to know about Easton Magic Academy. The entrance examination is about to start, and Mash and the other candidates have gathered outside the hall. The examiner, Claude Lucci, showed up and, using his magic, arranged question papers and benches for everyone to sit.

Observing Mash’s behavior, he decides not to let him pass the entrance exam. Meanwhile, Regro and Brad get worried for him, but he passes the tests with his physical and mental strength. Seeing him passing the tests, Claude asks Lemon to be an obstacle for him in the next test. Lemon approaches Mash and says they can both pass the ongoing test together. However, when Lemon herself is about to fall into danger, Mash helps her. Lemon gets impressed by his gesture, and she confesses to him that she is doing what Claude has asked her to do.

Claude decides to fail Mash and Lemon, but soon, the examination is taken over by the headmaster, who passes the former in the final round, getting impressed by his intelligence.

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