My Hero Academia Chapter 384 Spoilers shows Machia going against his own Master

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 is releasing this weekend, and as the chapter has already got massive spoilers, we are here to discuss the events revealed in them.

My Hero Academia Season 6 has ended, but fans still have the manga that’s coming up with a new exciting chapter every week.

The previous chapter’s events occurred in Jaku, where we saw the heroes using the recording of AFO’s voice to awaken Gigantomachia. Although Mount Lady tries to stop them from waking the beast up, she fails. After the spectacular events in Jaku, we must witness the Jaku team proceeding to the Gunga mountains for a bloodshed war.

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 Spoilers reveal Shinsho’s motives

Machia attacks AFO, and Tokoyami thinks that Shinsho has influenced the giant to do that. Everyone thinks the giant may be on their side because Shinsho has used his quirk on him. However, they also are familiar with the true strength of AFO, so they fear that AFO’s counterattack can break Shinsho’s influence on Machia. To console everyone, Hawks says Mount Lady is being Machia’s shield, protecting him from all the attacks.

AFO realizes that Machia is under the control of the heroes, so he makes fun of Shinsho and says that manipulating or brainwashing is something that only villains should do. He then uses a shockwave to attack the giant so that he can come back to his senses. Machia starts speaking suddenly. He says he can recognize AFO by his smell, but he asks why he left him behind in Jaku.

Hawks get suspicious that Shinsho is making Machia speak as he did the same to Aoyama’s parents. Hawks also wonder how Shinsho could do it so fast. After that, we see a flashback in which we see AFO bidding goodbye to Machia in Jaku. He assures him that his successors will rescue him. Machia waited for them for a long time, but nobody came for him.

AFO says that Machia is the second one who resisted brainwashing, the first being Deku. The spoilers reveal that Shinsho was just buying some time to nurture Machia’s anger toward his master.

Note: The events mentioned above are just early spoilers, as there are so many things that the upcoming chapter will come up with. So, make sure to catch the chapter when it releases on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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