My Hero Academia Chapter 388 Spoilers Teases Rei helping Endeavor

My Hero Academia is approaching the release of its 388th chapter, and the spoilers of the chapter have already started surfacing online.

The previous chapter of My Hero Academia sees the revelations about the Himura Clan. Apart from that, the chapter also shows how Endeavor gets ready to save everyone’s life by sacrificing his own. However, as soon as he takes Dabi into the sky, Rei arrives before them only to stop them.

The upcoming chapter is around the corner, and everyone is waiting to see if Rei will succeed in stopping Endeavor from risking his life. Sadly, this week’s chapter will be short as the Mangaka had to work on two chapters before the hiatus.

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 Spoilers show Endeavor convincing Rei to back off

In the first panel, we see Kendo solidifying every spy of AFO and telling the other heroes to take out all the civilians from the shelter. The Robots of U.A High School also help the heroes to move the civilians to safe places. The civilians are also informed not to look toward Dabi as his current situation can make them panic.

After that, we see a flashback of Rei getting on a bike-shaped robot and asking it to take her to the heat source. The robot tells her that it will do whatever instruction is passed on to it by humans.

The next scene returns to the present, and we see the robot getting destroyed. Rei’s face also starts burning, and she starts screaming Toya’s name. Endeavor wonders if she is using her ice to avoid dying, and he also realizes that Rei might want to do the same with Toya.

Endeavor asks Rei to go back because if she stays, she can die, but Rei does not listen to him. Endeavor tries to find ways using which he can save everyone. The chapter ends by showing us a grown-up Toya wearing Dabi’s jacket in an alternate future.

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