One Piece Chapter 1082 Spoilers Reveal that Sabo is Alive

One Piece is on a break this week, along with the entire WSJ magazine; however, some early spoilers of the much-awaited Chapter 1082 have already surfaced online. And well, here’s all you need to know about it.

Much to everyone’s surprise, some juicy spoilers of Chapter 1082 have been leaked on the internet through several Twitter accounts. Not sure what the chapter will have to offer when it officially releases next weekend, but fans are thrilled to get some hints about the upcoming events. Well, we have more than just “hints.”

One Piece Chapter 1082 Early Spoilers

T-Bone is dead. It’s confirmed. No fan is doubting it at this point. And the chapter begins with Sengoku and Tsuru discussing the same depressing news at the Marine HQ cafeteria. At this point, Sengoku also asks Hina about the whereabouts of Garp, who has left to save Koby along with SWORD and Kujaku. 

The next panel takes to Buggy at the Cross Guild base, where the notorious pirate can be seen aiding the guy who killed T-Bone. So, we all know who’s behind T-Bone’s death now. Now, we go back to the Cross Guild ship, which, shockingly, has a big face of Buggy. As expected, Crocodile and Mihawk disagree with the design, and they beat up Buggy for this. At this point, we also learn that Buggy wants to use the Cross Guild to build his peaceful and utopian nation. 

We now see a flashback of Buggy and Shanks, who were watching Gol D. Roger getting executed. Buggy tells Shanks that he wishes the latter to become the next pirate king. And since Buggy thinks of Shanks so highly, he doesn’t want to continue his path as a pirate because there is no way he could match Shanks. Back to the present, Buggy is motivated to claim One Piece before Straw Hats or any other pirates, and he announces his plan to the entire crew.

Now, the chapter shifts to Kamabakka Queendom, where we see Sabo (Yeah! He isn’t dead). Apparently, Sabo wasn’t in the Lulusia Kingdom when it was destroyed; instead, he was on a ship.

Looking at the spoilers, we can safely say that Chapter 1082 will be an eventful chapter of One Piece. So, don’t forget to read it when it officially arrives on Viz Media and Manga Plus next weekend. 

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