One Piece Chapter 1083 Release Date, Time and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1083 will get released soon, and here, we have not only talked about its release schedule but we have also brought the spoilers for you.

In the previous chapter, we saw the Marines getting traumatized following T-Bone’s death. A civilian is responsible for this unfortunate death for the sake of bounties. Besides that, the chapter also brings several more exciting twists that made fans go crazy to get their hands on the forthcoming chapter. Moreover, the spoilers suggest that the impending chapter would be more exciting, so we are taking you to the release details and spoilers for the anticipated chapter without any further delay.

When does One Piece Chapter 1083 get released?

One Piece Chapter 1083 will get released at midnight in Japan on Monday, May 15, 2023. Well, in that case, most worldwide territories will get to read the chapter on Sunday, May 14, 2023. The time will vary as per the time zones, and here, we have covered the release time for different regions that might help you.

Spoilers of the forthcoming chapter tease the eight kingdoms opposing the Government

The 1083rd chapter of the manga is titled ‘The Truth of that Day,’ and it starts showing the events of Mary Geoise being discussed between Monkey D. Dragon, Ivankov, and Sabo. The next panel reveals that the eight kingdoms are against the Government, so they do not favor paying taxes. Seeing the situation, the Government sends the Holy Knights to investigate and resolve the matter.

Karasu and his allies are fighting the Fujitora and Admiral Greenbull. The spoilers say that Karasu will be seen giving some great action scenes. Fujitora gets ready to attack Karasu, but as the next scene takes us to Sabo, we don’t know what happens further in the fight. The World Government gets amazed to see the Revolutionary Army’s potential.

A newspaper shows the image of Cobra’s lifeless body with Sabo sitting beside him. Seeing the picture, it looked like Sabo was the one who murdered Cobra, but that’s not the truth. In fact, the picture was clicked after Goroei kills Cobra.

Apart from that, the spoilers also show that one of the Holy Knights sent by the Government looks exactly like Shanks. Not only by appearance, but the position of his sword and clothing also seems similar to that of Shanks.

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