One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers show Sai and Leo saving Shirahoshi

One Piece manga has received the early spoilers for Chapter 1084, and in this article, we are going to talk about the same.

In the previous chapter, Sabo tells Ivankov and Dragon that following the Revolutionary Army’s order, he had invaded Mary Geoise. After that, he also tells them that twelve neighborhood countries have turned rebels and are denying paying taxes. So, as an aftermath, the World government decided to send Holy Knights to deal with the twelve countries and Sabo (the primary target).

The next chapter’s spoilers have teased that Cobra will announce a meeting with five elders, and then we will also see him dying. Hence, it’s speculated that the upcoming chapter will focus mainly on Cobra’s death.

One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers show Imu’s arrival

The first spoilers of the chapter say that the upcoming chapter will start with showing Cobra enquiring about Queen Lily in the meeting with the Five Elders. Queen Lily was one of the 20 members of the World Government at the time it was founded. She then suddenly disappeared without leaving any trace of her whereabouts.

Cobra asks the Five Elders if they know anything about her, but they denied. Later, the chapter shifts its focus toward Leo and Sai, who saves Shirahoshi from Charlos-Sei. The spoilers then also state that Kuma will be freed by Morley. Even though we don’t have much information regarding this instance yet, we can get more details about it in the final summary of the chapter. Besides these, Imu will finally appear in the 1084th chapter of One Piece.

Note: This is all we know about the chapter right now, and to get a detailed experience, you need to wait for its official release.

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