Oshi No Ko episode 3 introduces Melt Narushima, Sweet Today’s lead

Oshi No Ko episode 3 ‘Manga-Based TV Drama’ is finally set to introduce fans to the arrogant and divisive young actor Melt Narushima.

Oshi No Ko is preparing to release its third TV episode in just a few hours time on HiDive, with the hit series looking to continue its remarkable momentum following its high-profile toppling of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as the highest-rated show on MyAnimeList.

The third episode from Studio Doga Kobo’s fantastic anime adaptation will feature several revelations involving Ai’s murder, but arguably the more divisive part of the new episode will be the introduction of Melt Narushima.

Here is everything that fans need to know about Melt Narushima, who is set to become one of the most hated or beloved characters in the Entertainment World – whose side are you on?

Oshi No Ko episode 3 introduces Melt Narushima

Oshi No Ko episode 3 ‘Manga-Based TV Drama’ is set to introduce fans to Melt Narushima, a young male model and rising actor from Sonic Stage Productions.

Melt is aged 16-years-old when we meet him for the first time in episode 3, on the set of the ‘I’ll Go With Sweet Today’ (often shortened to just Sweet Today), where he plays the unnamed male lead alongside Kana and Aqua.

Whilst Melt is indeed extremely popular despite his young age, the majority of his success was due to his good-looks and career in male modeling – not because of his acting or social skills, demonstrating rather poor performances on camera and a disregard for his colleagues’ abilities.

Unfortunately, this will be a harsh lesson that is to be well-learned for Melt, whose performance is so poor in the early episodes of Sweet Today that his ratings crash.

Thankfully, both the feedback from the role and being upstaged by Aqua turn into a positive, with Melt showing a humble side after the series finale and promising to reflect on his performances in the future.

Melt proves good on his word when he returns later on in the Oshi No Ko manga storyline, featuring in the production of Tokyo Blade – which fans will see in a later story arc, but how many story arcs are there in Oshi No Ko?

How many story arcs are there in Oshi No Ko?

The Oshi No Ko manga started its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine in April 2020 and as of April 2023, the series has nine total story arcs:

  • Prologue (Chapters 1-10)
  • Entertainment World (Chapters11-20)
  • Dating Reality Show (Chapters 21-32)
  • The First Concert (Chapters 33-40)
  • 2.5D Stage Play (Chapters 41-66)
  • Private (Chapters 67-80)
  • The Main Story (Chapters 81-100)
  • Scandal (Chapters 101-108)
  • Movie (Chapters 109-ongoing)

11 volumes of the Oshi No Ko manga have been published in Japan; two of those are currently available to read in English with volume 3 set to release in August 2023.

Fans can purchase physical copies via outlets including Amazon, BAM, Barnes & Noble, and Kinokuniya. Digital versions are also available through Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Apple Books, and Rakuten Kobo.

The Oshi No Ko manga is also available to read via Manga Plus for free.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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