Oshi No Ko Episode 3 Release Date and Time

As Oshi No Ko anime heads toward the official release date of Episode 3, fans get curious to know when exactly it will be arriving globally.

Oshi No Ko manga‘s anime adaptation arrived on HIDive in the third week of April, and since its debut, fans have been appreciating it. In fact, it is said to be the biggest launch on the streaming platform. The community loves every bit of the anime series, thanks to the captivating visuals and the storyline full of twists and turns.

Moreover, with just two episodes, the series sits at the highest rank in MyAnimeList, surpassing the rankings of some of the most extensive anime series, such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Demon Slayer, and Hell’s Paradise.

When does Oshi No Ko Episode 3 get released?

Oshi No Ko Episode 3 will release on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, at 11:00 PM JST in Japan on channels such as Gunma TV, SUN TV, Tokyo MX, and BS11. For fans in the rest of the world, HIDive has licensed the episodes of the series. Here’s the time schedule that will help you to keep an eye on the episode:

  • Pacific Time- 8:00 AM (April 26th)
  • Mountain Time- 9:00 M (April 26th)
  • Central Time- 10:00 AM (April 26th)
  • Eastern Time- 11:00 AM (April 26th)
  • British Time- 4:00 PM (April 26th)
  • European Time- 5:00 PM (April 26th)
  • Indian Time- 8:30 PM (April 26th)

The previous episode of the anime series shows a time jump

The premiere episode begins showing us two great admirers of an idol named Ai. Both of them get reincarnated as the idol’s twins after dying. The entire first episode showed us how Ai and the twins, Aqua and Ruby, were leading their lives happily. One day, Ai gets killed by one of her obsessed fans, and Aqua learns that the killer was just a pawn. After connecting all the dots, he comes to the conclusion that the mastermind is none other than the person who had impregnated Ai.

In the second episode, we see a time jump of ten years, and Aqua and Ruby are teenagers who live with Miyako. When Aqua and Ruby should focus on building their careers, the former begins to make plans to avenge the death of Ai. Meanwhile, Ruby thinks of becoming an idol just like her mother.

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