Oshi No Ko Episode 4 Release Date and Time

Aqua’s hunt for Ai’s killer has begun, and as Oshi No Ko proceeds toward Episode 4, let’s talk about the upcoming episode’s exact release schedule.

The story of Oshi No Ko is moving at a fast pace, and Ruby and Aqua have started working on their own things. The former has taken the first step toward her dream, and the latter has also taken the first step toward his goal. Given that, the previous episode showed Aqua returning as an actor so that he could get his hands at the killer’s collar.

When does Oshi No Ko Episode 4 get released?

Oshi No Ko Episode 4 will get released on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, at 11:00 PM JST. For International audiences, HIDive and Netflix will simulcast the episode. However, the timings will be different because of the different time zones. Anyway, if you want to watch the episode early, you can follow the below time schedule:

A brief recap of the anime series’ previous episode

Kana Arima gets stunned as she crosses her path with Aqua in the acting school. However, she gets upset when she learns that Aqua has enrolled in General Education. She also gets upset knowing that Ruby has chosen Performing Arts, so as she would be her junior, Kana says that she’ll definitely bully her. After talking to Kana for some time, Aqua leaves to meet the director.

Kana follows him and invites him to a cafe where she can talk with him. But as Aqua has some work with the director, he takes Kana to the director’s place. The director gets amazed to see her after a long time. Later, Kana offers Aqua a role in the tv show in which she is the female lead. At first, Aqua keeps denying the offer, but as soon as he hears the producer’s name, he accepts it.

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