Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Release Date and Time

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 is right here, and the curious fans of the series can find its exact release date and time in this article.

The fourth episode of Oshi No Ko showed the entry of two new characters, and now, as the anime series proceeds further, we will get introduced to more new faces. The official website of Oshi No Ko revealed that Ruby is desperate to start her career as an idol, and seeing her potential, Kana will try to put her down. Let’s see if she will succeed in her motives or if Aqua will protect his sister from falling into any trap.

When does Oshi No Ko Episode 5 get released?

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 will get released on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, at 8:00 PM PST on Crunchyroll. Fans in different regions may follow the below time schedule:

Oshi No Ko Episode 4: Recap

The episode starts with the ongoing shooting of Sweet Today. Aqua wonders how to improve his performance to give the shooting its desired results. The next moment, Kana sees how pathetic her co-star Melt is when it comes to acting skills. She starts feeling low, thinking that the show’s creators aren’t paying attention to the acting; instead, they want to get good-looking and famous actors.

The filming starts, and we see Aqua exchanging dialogues with Melt. As per the scene, the latter had to punch Aqua hard, for which he later apologized to him. However, Aqua confessed that it was an intentional move. That’s because he wanted the scene to look more realistic.

After that, we are taken back to the school, where Ruby befriends Minami, and on the same day, every student gets surprised when Frill enters the class. She is the most famous idol around.

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