Oshi No Ko Episode 6 Release Date and Time

HIDIVE anime series Oshi No Ko will get episode 6 released in a couple of days, and this place will let you learn the episode’s exact release date and schedule.

Previously, the anime showed us Aqua’s potential to manipulate anyone. The way he manipulated Kana Arima to be an idol of his sister Ruby was enough for us to be familiar with his intellect level. Apart from that, the fifth episode also showed the entry of one of the characters who will play a vital role in the series. Yes, we are talking about Akane, whom we saw for a brief period in the episode.

When will Oshi No Ko Episode 6 get released?

Oshi No Ko Episode 6 will get released on Wednesday, April 17, 2023, on HIDIVE. Selected regions can get the episode on Netflix. Here’s the time schedule that you may follow to track the episode:

What happened in the fifth episode?

Ruby scouts Kana Arima in order to ask her to become an idol with her for Ichigo Production’s new project. Aqua helps her in scouting Kana, who is busy checking out the comments on social media to find out what the audience feels about her last act. While she was scrolling down, she got a text message from Aqua that stated he wanted to talk to her after school.

When she reaches the location, she learns that it’s not Aqua who actually wants to talk to her, but it’s Ruby. She gets frustrated as she doesn’t like Ruby much. So, she asks her to finish it off soon as she doesn’t have time. Ruby tells her that she wants her to become an idol with her at Ichigo Productions.

In the starting, she kept denying it because she believed that if she agreed to the project, her acting career would be finished. She also does not want to work with Ruby as she thinks that the latter is not good at anything. However, soon she starts seeing glimpses of Ai in Ruby, and that’s when she realizes her potential. Besides that, Aqua manipulates Kana and convinces her to become a member of Ruby’s group.

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