Oshi no Ko Episode 8 – Love Triangle

After passing the recap, Oshi no Ko returned with episode 8 last Wednesday. There was definitely a lot going on in this episode as a love triangle formed, Aqua channeling her inner Ayanokoji, and finally the third member of B-Komachi was introduced. The dark side of the industry is barely shown in this episode, but instead we’re tackled in Aqua’s revenge story with more characterization and enhancements.

love triangle

The relationships surrounding Aqua become even more pronounced. Despite being loyal to Ai and taking revenge on her mind all this time, an unexpected love triangle has formed between her and the two actresses: Kana and Akane. Akane attracts attention with her acting skills and consumes Kana with envy.

Almost the entire episode was like a battle between ships. While the Akane team took the first hit by frying Aqua, the Kana team retaliated by quickly skipping a school appointment with Aqua, and they had a moment with each other. However, on the reality TV show witnessed by thousands of viewers, the Akane crew takes a final blow when Aqua kisses Akane in front of everyone. While the kiss is known to have been staged for the sake of the show’s narration, it raises questions about the authenticity of Aqua’s quick play history with Kana.

But of course we all know that Aqua doesn’t really care for either of them because her true devotion lies solely in her love for Ai Hoshino. When Akane’s observation and research skills came to light, it caused Aqua to start thinking about how to use it. Also, he can’t let her go easily, as he might learn more of the truth about himself if left unattended.

But what does Ruby have to say in all this? Well, after seeing Akane show off her talent, her only line in this episode was “Mom?”

More from Memcho


Now it’s time to turn the attention to the real star of this episode, Memcho. Despite its relatively short screen time compared to the others, its final scene is undeniably the best in this episode. When she announced her dream of becoming an idol, it was the perfect opportunity for Aqua to invite her to B-Komachi. After all, the group can use someone with charisma, charm, and an extroverted personality to increase their attractiveness. Part of the appeal of idol groups lies in the different personalities of their members, attracting a wide range of fans and increasing their popularity. It will be even more exciting from here with Memcho in B-Komachi.

Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Out of This World

Akan Kurokawa

Overall, this episode was a great demonstration of what Daisuke Hiramaki is capable of at the helm. Collaboration with Nekotomi on color design resulted in the perfect combination: the colors of the scenes reflect the emotions of the characters. The use of color gradients is ingenious in expressing the tone of each scene. For example, during Kana’s walk to school, the seemingly soft elements of color effectively convey her feelings of despair. But as soon as Aqua steps in and greets her, the colors become more vibrant and bright, turning her gloom into hope. Even the mix of colors of key frames was truly out of this world. This attention to detail gives me more confidence not oshi ko Even the smallest aspects are largely taken care of.

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