Oshi No Ko fan theory claims Pieyon may be Kaguya-sama’s Kazeno

A curious fan theory has suggested that Pieyon from Oshi No Ko may actually be the grown-up version of Kazeno from Kaguya-sama.

When it comes to fascinating if not highly exaggerated fan theories, no group in the entertainment industry hatches conspiracy theories quite like anime fans.

In only a few hours, episode 5 of the Oshi No Ko series is set to premiere around the world on HiDive, with the latest installment set to introduce fans to the muscular Pieyon.

However, an interesting fan theory has caught the attention of avid fans; that Pieyon could potentially be a character from the Kaguya-sama: Love is War series called Kazeno – but is there any merit to this idea?

Fan theory suggests Pieyon and Kazeno are the same person

An interesting theory was posted to the Oshi No Ko subreddit two years ago from user ‘Rag_N_Neqaj’ that suggested Pieyon from Oshi No Ko is actually a character from Kaguya-sama: Love is War called Kazeno.

This curious theory is based on the fact that Oshi No Ko and Kaguya-sama take place within the same universe, with both manga series’ being written by the same author Aka Akasaka.

There are several aspects of each story that have already crossed over into the other, such as the Sweet Today manga series that Aqua starred in, which was featured in chapter 73 of the Kaguya-sama manga and then episode 19 of the anime adaptation.

This means that there is a chance for some minor background characters to crossover into both series and that’s exactly what some fans theorize for Kazeno x Pieyon. The crux of the theory is that both Kazeno and Pieyon are muscular, black-haired, obsessed with Idols, and have a history with supporting people through training regiments.

In Oshi No Ko, Pieyon is a YouTuber who specializes in physical health and how to gain followers across social media by promoting healthy lifestyles. Meanwhile, in Kaguya-sama, Kazeno was the captain of the Red Cheer Club – essentially an organized mob that promotes and cheer for their teams during sporting events.

Whilst Pieyon’s face is never revealed in the original Oshi No Ko manga, the one shot that we do see without his cute bird mask confirms he has black, slicked-back hair in the same style as Kazeno.

Moreover, we don’t know what happened to Kazeno after leaving his school, so it wouldn’t be out of the question that he became a social media sensation and an eventual employee of Strawberry Productions like Pieyon.

The theory then dives into the timelines for each series, with the original user sharing, “Quite convinced that it was a high possibility, I tried to find more arguments, and especially regarding the timeline, because the Pieyon we see in the linked pic is in my opinion at the very least 20 years old.”

“I’d say [Pieyon is] somewhere between 22 and 35, whereas Kazeno is about 17 years old. Now, the artists are different, but even then, Pieyon is clearly an adult, a university student at the minimum (regarding age, I mean). Hence, if my theory were true, it would mean that Oshi no Ko’s storyline (from chapter 11 on) happens at least 3 years after Kaguya-sama.”

Another user then commented that it had already been confirmed that Sweet Today had finished its serialization by the time we saw it in the Oshi No Ko universe, meaning that the timelines would technically fit for this Pieyon x Kazeno theory.

“Thus I believe that it’s very possible that behind Pieyon’s mask we would see an adult version of Kazeno. And if true, we might be treated to seeing Kaguya’s characters as adults at some point. I’ll pay very close attention to background characters in OnK from now on.”

Whilst this theory has not yet been confirmed in the ongoing Oshi No Ko manga series, it is an interesting idea that is very much plausible considering the crossovers between both stories so far.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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