Oshi No Ko Season 1 Episode Count Revealed

When an anime starts dominating the other releases quickly, fans curiously start scrolling the Internet to discover how many total episodes the series will have. In this article, we will discuss the episode count of Oshi No Ko that has been officially revealed.

Oshi No Ko comes from the animation studio Doga Kobo, and within a few minutes of its first episode’s release, everyone started talking about the anime series. It was trending on Twitter for a long time. The next level of the discussion about the series made the non-anime fans watch the show out of curiosity.

No wonder why the anime topped the charts of MyAnimeList within no time. And that’s one of the reasons why it is said to be the most loved series of the Spring line-up.

Oshi No Ko’s first season gets a confirmed Episode Count

Oshi No Ko will have 11 episodes, as confirmed by the animation studio. Besides that, we also know now that the anime series’ first season will run for a single cour, and fans are happy with that. That’s because sometimes it’s pretty frustrating when a particular anime season stretches for too long, thus dragging the story unnecessarily. However, that also doesn’t mean we can’t expect an entirely new season to follow up quite soon. In fact, the popularity of the first season makes it evident that the show will return with a second season, and the official announcement is nothing but a formality.

Besides that, the community has also started talking about the pace of the anime series that it will run in further episodes. At the time of this writing, the anime series has given us four spectacular episodes, and now every fan wonders how many chapters of the manga the anime series will adapt in the limited timeframe as only six more episodes are left. There is a chance that the anime series will end up adapting the 39-40 chapters of the source material.

Moreover, as the anime series move forward, we must say that it is indeed one of the best and most enjoyable series to date.

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