Oshi No Ko: Who is Frill Shiranui?

Frill Shiranui was introduced in the fourth episode of Oshi No Ko, and seeing her popularity in the series, fans may wonder who she is.

Oshi No Ko has blessed us with four episodes, and since its first episode, the anime series is successfully dominating the latest releases. Both the anime and manga have gained massive popularity among the community. Thanks to its twisted plot and interesting characters.

The first three episodes revolved around Aqua more than Ruby and anyone else. Now, as the plot heads forward, we are getting to meet new characters. For instance, in the latest episode, two pretty characters grabbed everyone’s attention; one of them was Minami Kotobuki, and the other one was Frill Shiranui. Well, this article discusses the latter.

Who is Frill Shiranui in Oshi No Ko?

Frill Shiranui made her anime debut in the second half of Oshi No Ko episode 4. When she first appeared in the anime, every student of Yoto High School was amused seeing her. That’s because she is one of the famous students of the school as she is a multi-talent celebrity who can dance, sing and act.

Seeing her in the school, Ruby couldn’t control her excitement and admitted that Frill was her favorite idol. When Aqua goes to talk to Frill, she recognizes him and Minami, who stands close to them. However, she could not remember Ruby, and that broke her heart.

Frill is a girl of a few words, but when it comes to her sense of humor, she is good enough to make you laugh. Moreover, she is pretty versatile in her acting, which is why at such a young age, she has made a prominent place in the industry.

Asami Seto is the voice behind the character in the anime series

Asami Seto is a Japanese voice actor who has worked in some famous anime shows and films before appearing as Frill Shiranui in Oshi No Ko. Some of her credited roles include Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, Drifting Home, and Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.

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