Oshi No Ko: Who is Masaya Kaburagi?

The third episode of the ongoing top-notch anime series Oshi No Ko reveals a new character named Masaya Kaburagi. As he becomes a suspect in Ai’s death in the eyes of Aqua, every fan wants to learn more about the character.

Since the day we saw Ai’s little boy, Aqua, vowing to avenge his mother’s death, we knew that the anime series would present us with a lot of mysteries. The second episode of the series didn’t tease any mystery or thrill, so basically, it was a calm episode that mainly focussed on character development. However, the latest episode brings back the mystery element by featuring the mysterious character, Masaya Kaburagi, who was seen as the producer of Kana Arima‘s tv show.

Who is Masaya Kaburagi in Oshi No Ko?

Masaya Kaburagi is a producer who has a tie-up with Dot TV, an Internet television network. He appeared in the fourteenth chapter of the manga series for the first time when Kana Arima called him up to tell him that Aqua could be an excellent choice for the stalker’s role on the show.

Masaya Kaburagi seems to be someone who thinks nothing more than his own benefit. This was evident when he once said that he didn’t care about how good Kana Arima was as an actor; he had just signed her on the television show because she was famous.

Aqua suspects him to be his and Ruby’s father, so he picks up the remains of the cigarettes Masaya had and sends them as DNA samples. However, the samples did not match, proving that he wasn’t the man who impregnated Ai. In fact, in the manga, it’s mentioned that Ai had a professional relationship with Kaburagi, and he also helped Ai in several instances.

Why does Aqua suspect him in Ai’s Murder?

When Aqua heard his name from Kana, he recalled the time when he unlocked Ai’s oldest phone that she used before getting pregnant. He understood that as Ai never wanted to disclose her baby-daddy in front of anyone, so there was a chance that her phone might help him get any clue about the person.

In the start, he couldn’t decode the password, but as he kept going, he got the correct password after four years. When he unlocked the phone, he scrolled down all the emails, messages, and call logs. That’s when he came across Masaya Kaburagi’s number, so he started suspecting him.

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