Seven new anime series you should watch on Crunchyroll this Summer

Here are seven of the best, brand new anime series that fans should definitely check out on Crunchyroll this Summer.

The Summer 2023 roster is upon us, and while anime sequels dominate the schedule, Crunchyroll has some great new series that fans should definitely not skip.

Akira is smiling while sitting in her office room
Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead/Bug Films/Crunchyroll Collection YouTube channel

Seven new anime on Crunchyroll this Summer

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead: July 9

Undoubtedly the most anticipated new anime on the Summer 2023 release list is Bug Films’ comedy horror series Zom 100. live action movie From Netflix on August 2nd.

This new drama is about 24-year-old Akira, who turns into a lifeless zombie from the monotonous life of an office worker. Fortunately, all her dreams/nightmares are about to come to life when a real zombie apocalypse breaks out in her hometown and Akira has never felt more alive as she ran for her life!

“Even after the world has turned into a zombie apocalypse, this former salaried man is finding ultimate freedom!”

Saints Cecilia and Father Lawrence: July 12

After the groundbreaking success of Oshi No Ko last season, Studio Doga Kobo returns with a brand new romantic comedy series called Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence.

While young Reverend Lawrence enjoys working for the local townspeople and caring for the church, his responsibilities include a fondness for the lazy Cecilia, who as a ‘Saint’ counsels people.

As the duo tries to find a way to bring God closer to the townspeople, their feelings for each other turn into something that could surpass mere friendship and destroy all of their religious goals.

“A saint and a priest lead a quiet life together, but why in god’s green world the priest doesn’t understand the saint’s feelings?!”

Liar Liar: July 8

Based on the popular light novel series of the same name, Liar Liar will definitely rival Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence for the best romantic comedy of the Summer season.

At a school where students gamble with reputations in various “games” in hopes of earning Stars, a new transfer student unexpectedly rocks the boat, starting the school year as the strongest of the entire group; A deadly game of lies and romantic bluff is about to begin.

“Students are struggling to determine their rankings and a student needs to perpetuate the ultimate lie!”

Reborn as a Vending Machine, Now Roaming in the Dungeon: July 5

As Isekai anime goes, this is definitely one of the most unique reincarnation concepts to explore on the Summer list; but that doesn’t mean you should skip this series because of its unusual title.

When a young man meets an unexpected end, being crushed by his favorite automaton, he awakens in a magical world of monsters as the very machine that killed him. Will he be able to keep his mind, stock and options open long enough to truly survive this adventure, or will he be thrown aside like junk?

“This reincarnated human-return-vending-machine is ready to offer you a whole new adventure and maybe a can of soda!”

Am I Actually the Strongest? 1 July

The second Isekai anime on this list, Am I Really the Strongest follows a young man who is reincarnated into another world with the promise of ‘cheating’ skills… Unfortunately, things are about to get a little more complicated for young Hart.

Hart is abandoned as a baby when the inhabitants of this new magical kingdom think his stats don’t actually exist. Little do they know that he is actually the most powerful being in this world, that he has such immense abilities that they do not even register on the scales of power!

“A closure that reincarnates as an infant is given 1000 times more magical energy, something no one will know!”

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout: July 1

Based on the popular role-playing video game, Atelier Ryza is a fantasy adventure anime that will have one of the biggest fanbases of all the new series on the Summer roster.

The series is about an ambitious young girl named Stout who sets off from her home island with dreams of living her own big adventure. Along the way, he will meet various characters and enemies, and learn the secrets of alchemy on a journey that will reveal dark mysteries.

“Adapted from the video game, Ryza flees village life in search of new friends and adventures!”

Immortal Murder Farce: July 5

A dark horse on the Summer 2023 anime list, Undead Murder Farce sees a young 19-year-old detective set out.pearl Century Europe with the head of a vampire in a birdcage.

But there is much more to this story than meets the eye; Not only is the detective looking for the vampire’s killer, but if he wants to find answers to his questions, he may need to team up with one or two monsters.

“Supernatural detectives travel across Europe to solve mysteries involving monsters and spooky events!”

Which of these new anime shows are you excited to watch on Crunchyroll this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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