Six new cast members announced for anime

Whilst fans celebrate Blue Lock season 2 being confirmed, news that six new cast members have just been confirmed is going under the radar.

It’s a monumental day for fans of the Blue Lock anime series; not only has season 2 been confirmed, but so has a theatrical project for the spin off Nagi manga.

However, as the global community’s ego grows ever larger, there was also confirmation of six new characters – so who are the new players set to be introduced in season 2 of the Blue Lock anime?

Season 2 and theatrical spin off movie confirmed

Blue Lock season 2 has been revealed to be in production, alongside confirmation that the Nagi spin off manga will be animated into a theatrical project.

The announcement read, “The second season of the TV series will focus on the main character Yoichi Isagi and his egoists’ new battle to become the world’s number one striker.” Adding that, “Instead of the body suit he has been wearing up until now, Isagi wears a uniform for matches. What battles await these egoists in the future? Please wait for further news.”

Whilst the announcement did not include a targeted release date for either project, an early estimation would be for a Spring 2024 return; in line with the production cycle from season 1 and maintaining a 24-episode format.

The adaptation of the ‘Nagi Episode’ will be a theatrical project, which “recreates the battle in the “Blue Rock (Blue Prison)” from the perspective of the genius Seijiro Nagi.” The preview continued, “The story will be reconstructed and a new story will be drawn from the perspective of the genius: Seijiro Nagi.”

Blue Lock season 2 to introduce six new characters

In addition to the confirmation of Blue Lock season 2 and the Nagi spin off theatrical project, six new cast members were previewed for the upcoming broadcast.

These six new players will form part of Japan’s U-20 team: Ryusei Shido, Shin Furukawa, Kengo Kawanishi, Takuya Eguchi, Hiro Shimono, and Shinichiro Kamio.

Ryusei Shido is “A super-attacking striker with an extraordinary passion for football that makes him ‘explode’.”

Ryuseu Shido will be voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, who shared that he was “impressed by the scale of the measures taken to break through the dry, starting approach to Japanese football.”

“And the numerous overly individualistic characters. The drama is interesting because it focuses mainly on strikers. I’ve only just appeared in the show, so I’m hoping to solidify it… but I’ve taken on this challenge in the hope that even a few scenes will be memorable. I hope you will find it an interesting scene.”

Karasu Tabito will be voiced by Shin Furukawa.

Karasu Tabito: “One of the most powerful characters in Blue Rock, who controls the distance between his opponents with his keen eye for observation and exquisite handwork.”

Otoya Eita will be voiced by Kengo Kawanishi.

Otoyo Eita: “From a rare family descended from ninja. He excels at using his high agility and running ability to slip past his opponents’ marks.”

Yu Yukimiya Kenyu will be voiced by Takuya Eguchi.

Yu Yukimiya Kenyu: “A young man with a gentle temperament and a constant smile on his face. He models on the sidelines of football.”

Julian Loki will be voiced by Hiro Shimono.

Julian Loki: “A 17-year-old supernova who plays in the French league. His unrivalled speed and dribbling ability, which allows him to get out of range and make a move at a dash, are his weapons. He made the French national team at a young age and is recognised as one of the world’s top players. He is usually polite and humble, but has absolute confidence when it comes to football.”

Leonardo Luna will be voiced by Shinichiro Kamio.

Leonardo Luna: “A striker who plays for the Spanish club team Les Artes. He excels at playing with a sense of speed, and uses his quick ball technique and delicate touch to toy with his opponents. He is renowned all over the world as a top player and is nicknamed ‘The Nobleman of Les Halles’. His fresh appearance makes him look like a young man, but he has a sharp tongue and is not shy about being sarcastic, even with people he has never met before.”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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