Star Wars Visions Season 2 Animation Studio Explained

Star Wars Visions Season 2 was released on May 4, 2023, and seeing the beautifully animated nine episodes, every fan wonders which studio is behind the animation of the episodes. Well, you would be amazed to know that multiple animation studios were involved in the project.

Star Wars Visions, the Disney Plus version of Netflix’s Love Death and Robots (another popular animated anthology series), is a feast for the fans of the franchise. That’s because it further expands the already massive Star Wars Universe. Moreover, what makes the second volume of Star Wars Vision special is that we get to see a different animation style and storytelling in each episode due to the involvement of animation studios from all over the world.

What Studios are involved in the creation of Star Wars Visions 2?

Below we have provided the names of the nine studios that were behind the second volume of Star Wars Visions animation:

Episode 1: Sith (El GUIRI studios)

The nine-episodic second volume of Star Wars Anthology kicked off with a fabulous short film titled Sith, animated by Spain’s El GUIRI studios. Before showcasing their skills in the Disney Plus project, they worked on 2009’s Alma and One Morning, a VR short film released in 2017.

Episode 2: Screachers Reach (Cartoon Saloon)

Screechers Reach is an episode that involves a lot of spooky elements, and its unique visual style is what makes it more investing. The Oscar-nominee animation studio Cartoon Saloon from Ireland is to be thanked for giving us the out-of-the-world episode.

Episode 3: In The Stars (Punkrobot)

The Chilean animation studio Punkrobot created the third episode of Star Wars Visions Volume 2. In 2014, the studio animated a 10-minute short film Bear Story, that brought an Oscar award to the studio for the best animated short film. Besides that, some other projects of the studio are Wow Lisa, The Magical Moments of Gasper, and more.

Episode 4: I Am Your Mother (Aardman)

Aardman Studios hails from the United Kingdom. The British animation studio has existed since 1972, and it has won the Academy Awards four times for its contribution to the community. The studio not only animated films but also showcased its work in several video games, such as Chicken Run, Flushed Away, Shaun The Sheep, and more.

Episode 5: Journey To The Dark Head (Studio Mir)

The South Korean animation studio, before working on the Star Wars Franchise’s latest release, animated several popular shows such as Harley Quinn, The Legend of Korra, Young Justice, and more.

Episode 6: The Spy Dancer (Studio La Cachette)

The studio belongs to France, and before its involvement in Star Wars Franchise, it has given the community masterpieces like Primal, Mune: Guardian of the Moon, and more.

Episode 7: The Bandits of Golak (88 Pictures)

88 Pictures is amongst the most popular studios in India that have worked on the VFX of the patriotic Bollywood movie Mission Majnu. Apart from that, we have also seen their work in Spirit Untamed, Fast and Furious Spy Racers, and more.

Episode 8: The Pit (D’ART Shtajio)

D’Art Shtajio is a Japanese animation studio that animates music videos, animation films, and tv series. Some of its recognized work includes Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, Try Again, and more.

Episode 9: Aau’s Song (Triggerfish)

The South African, Triggerfish won several awards, including a vital title at the Durban International Film Festival. The renowned work from the studio includes Adventures in Zambezia, Kizazi Moto, Khumba, and more.

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