Sultan Abdul Hamid

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 167 by PTV Home

Payitaht Abdul Hamid Episode 167 Urdu dubbed by PTV Home

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 167 in Urdu by PTV Home/ Urdu Subtitles. Payitaht Abdul Hamid full episode by PTV Home in Urdu. The stench of his own sweat was added to the stench of the cell. He was lying face down on the floor. Insects started crawling on his body, some insects bit him, he itched and itched his body, at midnight the door of the cell opened and he was dragged to where he was tied and pulled with a wheel all day.

Sultan Abdul Hamid

Now two ropes were tied to his feet and he was hung upside down from the ceiling, his arms were hanging down, his hands were six to seven inches above the floor, in this condition he was whipped and asked. Say, the Makran Arabs were with you. The crack of the leather whip was heard and another deep red line appeared on Bilal’s body.

Payitaht Abdul Hamid

And who was with you?Those who were are killed. O unfortunate man! Where did he go? Why do you die such a bad death? Tell the truth and have fun, anyone else with you except these three men.
Of course it was. Yes! he replied. Allah was with me. Another whip hit him, his upside down body shaking.

We will never bow down

Call your Allah. He was told. Tell him to release you and the other prisoners. Allah will leave them all. Bilal said. Allah is coming. The night passed, Bilal became unconscious, they took him down from the roof and threw him in the closet, he was not given anything to eat or drink. He was given rest for a short time, then he was taken to the same room where he immediately fainted.

Seneha Sultan and Bidar Sultan

In the morning, Raja Dahir was informed that Bilal does not mention anyone else’s name, he cannot bear the money that has been given to him. Raja Dahir was told. It appears that he had three companions with him who were killed, and the Arabs of Makran seem to have been unaware of his action.

Mayyat Afandi and Usman

Hand over to the executioner. Raja Dahir ordered. But give him something to eat and drink, it is not good to kill someone hungry and thirsty. Bilal was given food and water, he regained the power to speak in his language, and in the evening he was told that it was the last night of his life. If you have any last wish or wish, let me know. The doctor asked him.

Fahim Pasha

I have only one desire. he said… Release these innocent passengers, leave the women and children alone. This is not in our hands. Qubla said. I have served Mother Rani a lot. he said… If he can come here, let me see him one last time, and ask him for forgiveness. This can’t be either. Droha said. How can we call Rani?

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