Sultan Abdul Hamid

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 168 by PTV Home

Payitaht Abdul Hamid Episode 168 Urdu dubbed by PTV Home

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 168 in Urdu by PTV Home/ Urdu Subtitles. Payitaht Abdul Hamid full episode by PTV Home in Urdu. Do this favor to me before I die. Bilal said. Deliver my message to Main Rani. She will come. The ruler of the prison was a good man, he got an idea. Bilal!,,,,, he said to Bilal. If you expect that Queen Mother will come to your message, then tell her to forgive you, she can talk to the king about everything, maybe she will save you from the death sentence.

Sultan Abdul Hamid

In the morning Main Rani came to the prison, Bilal rightly expected that Main Rani would forgive him without his asking. Main Rani came like a queen, she was accompanied by twelve bodyguards in great uniforms, she stood in front of this room, through the bars she could see Bilal sitting on the floor, he was sitting with his head on his knees, Main.

Payitaht Abdul Hamid

On being called by Rani, he got up and came near the door. The queen has come!,,,, Bilal said. I was hoping that you would come.And I did not expect that you would commit such a big crime. Mother Rani said. I wanted to release the innocent prisoners of my country. Bilal said. You could have done this but you postponed it.

We will never bow down

Tell me who instigated you to do this work. Mother Rani asked and said. You were a man of wisdom and understanding. You were caught up in the words of others. On this question, these people have also broken my bones… Bilal said. The joints of my body are separated, I don’t have the answer to this question, if there was an answer, I wouldn’t be in this condition.

Seneha Sultan and Bidar Sultan

Mother Rani started asking him who else had a hand in this action by giving the link of love. Bilal did not mention that he had planned this action together with Muhammad Haris Alafi. The mother had come to get this secret from Rani Bilal, otherwise a Rani would not have come to meet a criminal like Bilal.

Mayyat Afandi and Usman

Mother!,,, Bilal said. Can you save me from the death sentence, the king only listens to you, save me, then I will leave this country. No!,,,,,,, said the mother queen. I have asked you one thing and you have lied to me. No, not the queen. Bilal said. If something were true, I would have told you, I can’t lie to you, my relationship with you is not that I will hide anything from you.

Fahim Pasha

I am asking you for life, Rani!,,,, save me. Bilal’s physical condition was so bad that he could not stand on his feet for a long time, he took the help of rods, his mental condition was worse than his body, such cruel tortures had left him mentally dead, that’s why he He was begging for his life, if he was in his natural state, he would not have rumbled like this.

Watch Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 168 by PTV Home

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