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Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 171 by PTV Home

Payitaht Abdul Hamid Episode 171 Urdu dubbed by PTV Home

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 171 in Urdu by PTV Home/ Urdu Subtitles. Payitaht Abdul Hamid full episode by PTV Home in Urdu. I became more intense, Salar Badil went forward with this intention and reached Jesiah’s elephant and felled it. Salar Badil reached Jesiah’s elephant with his guards. Once it happened that Salar Badil went in front of the elephant, a spear of a Muslim hit the elephant from behind and the elephant thrashed with great force. Salar Badil’s horse went bad.

Sultan Abdul Hamid

Badka also fell from Salar Badil’s horse. Yes, and the soldiers surrounded him and did not even give him time to get up.”Leave him alone!” said Jesiah, son of Raja Dahir. “Don’t give him the right to live.” Salar Badil was released, he was still recovering when a Jasya arrow came from the elephant’s stomach, which landed in the chest just below the neck of Salar Badil.

Payitaht Abdul Hamid

Badil fell down and was martyred. The battle was fought till evening, but the Muslims were disorganized as the central command was lost, they fought individually for some time and the result was the same as fighting without a command. The Muslims began to cut and run and those who could left till darkness fell, because of the darkness Jaysia did not pursue them.

We will never bow down

They would all have been killed or captured and the rest of their lives would have been spent in slavery to the Hindus. When Hajjaj bin Yusuf got the news, he bowed his head in shock, just as the javelin had landed in the chest of his salar Badil bin Gawafa, it had also crossed Hajjaj’s chest. When he raised his head, his face was red. There was anger in the eyes.

Seneha Sultan and Bidar Sultan

Badil bin Tahfa was not such a coward. Hajjaj said angrily. Why did he defeat one army of the enemy and lose to another? Amir of Iraq! One of the three officials who returned from the battlefield of Debal said: May Allah have mercy on you, and may Allah accept the bravery and martyrdom of Ibn Taifa, he was not a coward.

Mayyat Afandi and Usman

He had gone into the heart of the enemy, he had broken the Hindu fence, his sword had engaged the guards of the Hindu salar, then he had run his horse round the elephant of the enemy salar, and with the rising javelins, Like save yourself or that cannot be explained, by God Ibn Tahafa was not timid. Was it with him? Hajjaj asked.

Fahim Pasha

Yes Emir of Iraq! this official said. What I am describing is what I have seen with my own eyes, I was with him, he slipped and I was a little behind him. And he ran away. Hajjaj said angrily. And you did not die with him, you left my lion-like guardian alone. It is written in various references in Chachnama that Hajjaj bin Yusuf took out his sword and cut the head of this official.

Watch Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 171 by PTV Home in Urdu

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