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Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 177 by PTV Home

Payitaht Abdul Hamid Episode 177 Urdu dubbed by PTV Home

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 177 in Urdu by PTV Home/ Urdu Subtitles. Payitaht Abdul Hamid full episode by PTV Home in Urdu. When Caliph Waleed bin Abdul Malik saw Hajjaj bin Yusuf’s words and heard his words, he was speechless. In fact, the Islamic Caliphate had entered a period when national pride would shrink and be limited to the House of Caliphate. It is a historical fact that the Caliph was not in favor of attacking Sindh, he wanted to rule in peace and contentment.


It used to be done, but the divine punishment would descend on the enemy. The troops that Hajjaj selected from the Syrian army for the attack on Sindh numbered six thousand, the majority of whom were horsemen, all of them were young men, not a single middle-aged soldier was taken, except the army that Hajjaj prepared from the competition of war games.

War games

Its number is not found in any history, probably it was also six or seven thousand, it was a volunteer army. Hajjaj fulfilled every need of this army as if they were not soldiers but members of the royal family, for example, even a needle and thread were given to each soldier, the food of the army was arranged until the Arabs could eat. As the Saads used vinegar a lot

Sultan Abdulhamid

But considered it their favorite food, so much vinegar could not be sent with the army, the pilgrims arranged to dip large bales of cotton in the vinegar when the cotton completely absorbed the vinegar. So these bundles were left to dry. He told the salars and commanders that with each meal cotton should be taken out and dipped in water and squeezed.

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For the personal expenses of the soldiers, Hajjaj set aside 30,000 dinars and ordered that the soldier’s needs be met generously. Bales and provisions were loaded onto ships, since the army had
There were also Yadal troops, so six thousand fast-moving camels were sent along for their ride, and several thousand camels were separately loaded with necessary goods.

The New World order

Among the goods that were being sent from the ships, there were slingshots, among them there was a slingshot so big that if five hundred men pulled it, the stone would move away from it. Used to bring, the stone thrown from this manjiq used to crack the wall of the fort, its name was Aros.

They are affecting Istanbul

When this army departed from Basra to Shiraz, all the people of Basra and the surrounding people had gathered on both sides of the road, there were women, young girls and children among them. The army of Mujahideen departed from Basra amid the slogans and prayers of the people, Hajjaj bin Yusuf went with the army for a long distance and finally stopped at a high place.

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