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Repost: Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 179 by PTV Home

Payitaht Abdul Hamid Episode 179 Urdu dubbed by PTV Home

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 179 in Urdu by PTV Home/ Urdu Subtitles. Payitaht Abdul Hamid full episode by PTV Home in Urdu. Bin Qasim saw that Muhammad bin Harun’s hand was trembling, he had a very high fever, he should not have gone out, but he came out to welcome his army, after that Muhammad bin Harun could not recover from the disease. Muhammad bin Qasim continued to support him.

Bidar Sultan

On the other hand, Muhammad bin Qasim reached Makran with his army, and ships and big sailing boats arrived on the coast of Makran, there were so many goods that it took several days to unload. Several ships were not unloaded with the idea that these ships were to be taken to Dibel. Sorting and distribution of goods was also a long day’s work.

Abdul Hamid II

With so many boats and thousands of camels and horses and so many troops that could not be concealed, there was no hope of catching the enemy unawares. Those five or six hundred rebel Arabs who were settled by Raja Dahir in Makran were not far away, they were in an area of ​​Makran itself, Hindus also lived in this area, so it could not be expected that Raja Dahir would remain unaware.

Those who are unaware

He was in his capital Arur (present-day Rohri) and he always saw the danger that the Muslims would come from Arabia and now they would come with more fighting power. was kept Muhammad bin Qasim was a stranger in this area, he was not familiar with this area, because of being a deserter, he looked like a stranger, Arab horses and camels were used to sandy land

Seneha Sultan

Familiarity with this area was necessary, at night. Muhammad bin Qasim was sitting next to Muhammad bin Haroon, the emir of Makran, looking at the map of Sindh, the emir of Makran was telling him important places and distances. Ibn Harun! Muhammad bin Qasim said. I have seen many enemies at this age, and I have also gained experience in battles

The Traitor

I have not yet been raised by traitors, in this area. There are hundreds of traitors, not just two. Are you talking about the Arabs who are being sheltered by Raja Dahir?eh Amir Makran Muhammad bin Haroon asked. I am not just talking. Muhammad bin Qasim said. I am worried, their number is more and they are all fighters. They will support Raja Dahir, he has done a great favor to them.

Mehmood Pasha

In the first two battles, we did not get any information from anywhere that any of them participated in the battle on behalf of Arab Dahir. Muhammad bin Haroon said. Our spies also did not give any such news, they had told that Dahir had tried to get Alafi with him but Alafi had not agreed.

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