Sultan Abdul Hamid

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 186 by PTV Home

Payitaht Abdul Hamid Episode 186 Urdu dubbed by PTV Home

When Herbert the Great returned, he was not alone. An Egyptian guest was also there. Herbert was killed by the British. We wanted to kill the enemies of the oppressed. So did you hit them? No, we can’t kill anyone. His time was up. That’s all I wanted to tell you. I love life I want to live Help. You are being punished for what you have done, Sarah Hidayah What has Herbert done here? One person has been chosen by the British for the throne.

You didn’t give us any information

we didn’t know. I will tell I will tell you everything. Pasha, why are you here? You are the Ottoman Pasha. Do your work Send physicians inside. We have received the information. Our spy is alive in the Vatican but no one knows him. Why aren’t we looking for Asan, Sultan? I know where he is.

She will come of her own free will.

That would be better. There is only sorrow in life. I have no one left. That place is beautiful. Very calm She never left this neighborhood. Omar is my only friend. He never hurt us. I can’t go anywhere I am very sinful. I dedicated my life to lying. She considered Sultan her killer. I ruined my life. I will find your grave, father. I don’t know where you are but still.

This is the face of beauty.

He was martyred. There is a secret in it. Sarah did not tell Sultan my name. Abdul Hameed crushed you. Your queen will not be happy about that. Abdul Hamid brought your spy from Jerusalem. Betrayed you and killed him by Herbert. He convinced you that Herbert was a traitor. You killed him too. The question is how to compensate for this.


Rick Abdul Hameed leaves and is replaced, your system will not recover. Talk to Parus. He will take up arms. Because if there is a weapon, there is freedom. When I become Sultan, they will respect me as much as they respect Abdul Hameed. It is haraam for me to sleep even for a moment after today. My mother died in front of me. Jalal was the supreme king of our state. We will open a door for you.

Never be afraid

Stay safe when the opportunity arises for jihad. You are surprised The door you go through, see where it goes. No one can come here. Here are all our secrets. We think we have lost, but our victories begin here.

Very few people here know.

Jalal knew here, he also became a secret. If you are afraid, you will follow the path of truth. Do all the work Protect the religion. It is to act on what is heard and understood. I listened and obeyed. When the time comes, it will be your duty to enhance the glory of the state. This special ring will open the door of freedom for you. This is our kingdom. Nation is faith. When the time comes we will give you this sign which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Watch Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 186 Urdu dubbed by PTV Home

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