The Boys Season 4: Broadcast, Cast and Everything We Know

men Returning for Season 4, here’s everything we know so far, including the release date, cast, plot, and answers to our biggest questions.

While the superhero craze continues in Hollywood, primarily Marvel and DC, Amazon is putting its own stamp on the genre. menIt’s a much more twisted look at a world filled with super-powered people.

men Karl Urban’s first three seasons of violence, comedy, and superhero action hit huge success as he tried to take down Billy Butcher and his misfit gang, the Vought, Homelander, and Seven.

Just as the show itself imitates Marvel and DC’s greatest heroes and tropes of the superhero genre, men‘ social presence reflects this in poking fun Spider-Man: No Homecoming And morbiusembarrassing repost.

The Amazon original series will soon be returning for Season 4, with a brand new spin-off series. Generation V Vought’s own school of superheroes.

The Boys Season 4 Release: When Will It Be Released?

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Before men Season 4 is coming to an end, the world of Vought superheroes will be explored in the next episode. Generation V. The spin-off has released posters and a teaser trailer that will likely premiere in 2023 towards the end of the year.

Amazon already seems to be returning to its world men Later this year, Season 4 will almost certainly not come out until 2024, especially since filming for the next ugly episodes just wrapped up in April.

When we look at the last three seasons, men They debuted their new season about 10 to 11 months after filming ended. As such, Season 4 will likely launch on Amazon in early 2024, possibly around February or March.

However, Amazon could push the return of Butcher and The Gang back a few months, allowing for a longer break between them. Generation V Season 1 final and men Season 4 premiere.

Based on the last three seasons, fans shouldn’t expect booze men Season 4 is all in one go, as new episodes will likely drop weekly.

Who Will Star in The Boys Season 4?

Jack Quaid, Karl Urban, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, Laz Alonso, The Boys
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men It continues to have a star-studded cast entering Season 4, and many of the series’ stars and characters return for more thrilling action.

A surprising turnout comes when Nathan Mitchell returns as a new Dark Black after the original version of the masked hero was killed by Homelander in Season 3.

Full list of returning players from past seasons men can be read below:

  • Karl Urban – Billy Butcher
  • Jack Quaid – Hughie Campbell Jr.
  • Laz Alonso – Marvin T. “Mother’s” Milk
  • Tomer Capone – French
  • Karen Fukuhara – Kimiko Miyashiro
  • Erin Moriarty – Starlight
  • Antony Starr – Homelander
  • Jessie T. Usher – A-Train
  • Chace Crawford – Deep
  • Nathan Mitchell – Dark Dark II
  • Colby Minifie – Ashley Barrett
  • Claudia Doumit – Victoria Neuman
  • Cameron Crovetti – Ryan Butcher
  • Simon Pegg-Hugh Campbell

men set to welcome some new faces in Season 4, including new supers Sister Sage and Susan Heyward as Firecracker and Valorie Curry. Rosemarie DeWitt will debut as Hughie’s mother, while Jeffrey Dean Morgan will also appear in an unknown role.

All six new cast members confirmed for Season 4 so far can be viewed below:

  • Susan Heyward – Sister Sage
  • Valorie Curry – Fireworks
  • Rosemarie DeWitt – Hughie’s mother
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Elliot Knight
  • Rob Benedict

It’s unclear whether Giancarlo Esposito’s Stan Edgar will be returning after his forced departure from Vought, but showrunner Eric Kripke has hinted that he’ll be sitting outside leaving the door open for his return to the pitch this season.

In terms of Soldier Boy of Jensen Ackles, who starred in Season 3, he is currently being held in a secure facility and it is unclear whether he will make it into Season 4.

What Will Happen in The Boys Season 4?

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Showrunner Eric Kripke has confirmed that Season 4 will, at least in part, revolve around Butcher and Homelander’s fight for Ryan, who was last seen with his crazy super dad at the end of Season 3.

At a dreadful moment to close last season, Homelander seemed to understand how he could get away with anything in the public eye, leaving the question of how insane he could be in Season 4 while keeping an eye on his son.

Meanwhile, for Butcher, the Boys’ leader has just learned that with just over a year left he’s on the verge of dying from overusing the Temp V. But as he chooses not to tell anyone about his diagnosis, that secret will likely be unraveled over the course of Season 4.

Another key plot point for Season 4 comes with the rise of congresswoman Victoria Neuman – a superpower with the power to instantly kill anyone. Now that Neuman is on his way to the White House and the Vice President, he will undoubtedly be a threat to both Vought and the Boys.

men It has already been confirmed that Season 4 will bring a new Black Noir alongside two new superheroes with Sister Sage and Firecracker. With only Homelander, A-Train, and Deep remaining on the team after Season 3, all of these superpowers may be taking up positions in the Seven.

It’s unclear if any of the Season 4 events will come out of the upcoming season. Generation V Vought’s spin-off that will dive into a new group of teen superheroes at Godolkin University’s School of Crime, fighting in a series inspired by the X-Men, men.

Who Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan Playing In The Boys Season 4?

walking DeadJeffrey Dean Morgan arrives as the biggest and most exciting member of the cast. men Season 4. Butcher actor Karl Urban made an offer. peep In the mystery character of Morgan on the set of the upcoming season, as we celebrate the end of production, the mystery man has become fit for perfection.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The Boys, Season 4

Exactly who Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play in season 4 remains a mystery for now. However, the biggest rumors and theories are that he’s playing the One Knight – men‘ A parody of Iron Man, which has been referenced several times before in past seasons of the Amazon superhero franchise.

Is Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy in The Boy Season 4?

Jensen Ackles, Soldier Boy, Children
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In the Season 3 finale, Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy was defeated by his superhero son Homelander and The Boys. Soldier Boy was taken away by Grace Mallory after his devastating loss and left as a sedative in a safe facility, leaving his Season 4 return with somewhat uncertain luck for now.

The decision to keep Soldier Boy alive makes this clear men The team leaves the door open for a return, but whether that will come in Season 4 is anyone’s guess. But whenever he returns, there will no doubt be plenty of chaos as he hasn’t exactly parted on good terms with either The Boys or The Seven.

Regardless, fans will be seeing Soldier Boy at least once again later this year as the veteran hero will officially return for an upcoming cameo. Generation V By-product as confirmed by Ackles – via TikTok user verified – during Supernatural Panel at Creation New Orleans in Louisiana:

“Soldier Boy appears briefly in this new spin-off. [‘Gen V’]. In fact, there are a few cameos from the mothership to this spinoff, and my little piece was just too heavy. [improvised]”

Will The Boys Season 4 Be The Last?

Jack Quaid, Karl Urban, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, Laz Alonso, The Boys
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men Season 4 will air shortly after the brand new college adaptation Generation VIt shows Amazon’s desire to continue expanding this world further and not ending it anytime soon.

Showrunner Eric Kripke has already confirmed almost everything twitter HE men He’ll be back for Season 5, stating how the Season 4 finale was “not the series finale” and hopeful “There will be more:”

“Because you ask! We’ve been filming since the end of August. I’m here to prepare and direct the Season 4 finale. No, it’s not the series finale, there will be more! Most importantly, S4 premieres… A point in our discernible reality in the future.”

So, while Amazon hasn’t officially renewed it yet men For Season 5, Season 4 will almost certainly not be the last, given that Kripke apparently still intends to continue and the show is still popular with fans.

men Season 4 has yet to set an official release date, but is expected to arrive on Amazon Prime Video in early 2024.

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